Buying a Pizza? Then Here’s How You Can Buy them at Cheap Rates Without Giving up on Quality 

Montreal is one of the finest cities known for their flavorful pizzas. So, it’s quite obvious that there are many pizza houses all across the city. But that doesn’t mean that every one of those pizza places are worth your money. Only a few elite ones like Double Pizza actually care about the quality alongside the affordability factor. One of their main mottos is making pizzas affordable so that people can buy them without occasion as well. Now, the two different ways in which they do so are, a) they offer money saving combo deals and b) they run loyalty programs for online purchases made from their website. 

So, if you want to explore the different deals that they offer, just read through until the very end. 

  1. 7 Days Pickup Deal

Specially run for takeaway orders, this offline deal gives you the chance to buy:

  • One large cheese or pepperoni pizza at 10.74 dollars. 
  • One large all-dressed pizza at 13.74 dollars. 
  1. C2 Special Deal

This combo deal is available for online orders placed via Double Pizza. It is a combo of any 2 pizzas of your choice, one packet of medium fries, and a 2L Pepsi at just 23.99 dollars. 

  1. Game Night Special Deal

Another online combo deal, this one starts at 21.99 dollars in which you can buy:

  • 1 large pizza. 
  • 8 chicken wings. 
  • 1 sauce as per your liking.
  • 1 small packet of fries. 

The best thing about all such deals at Double Pizza is that they can be customized. Which means, you can always add in extras at affordable rates. 

That said, let’s now take you through the loyalty program run by this company for online orders. Have a look! 

  • When you spend 5 dollars online at Double Pizza, they offer 1 loyalty point in return. 
  • 30 points are worth an all-dressed large pizza or any three toppings that you want. 

Another special online deal they offer is for customers who subscribe to their Double Pizza Text Offers. Once you do, you’ll be eligible to buy a free medium pizza (cheese or pepperoni, whichever you like) after your first purchase that should be a minimum 30 dollars.

So, don’t forget to contact them on their website, Double Pizza, if you want to explore the many such deals that they keep offering from time to time.