Attorney for bail hearings: what you need to know?

If you or someone you know is a foreign national who has been arrested by the Department of Homeland Security/Immigration and Customs Enforcement, you can request a bond hearing by the immigration judge. During this process, it is important to obtain qualified legal representation. Bail hearing lawyer is here to help you prepare and submit a motion for a bond hearing. The sooner you file the motion for bail, the sooner the lawyer can remove your family member from the detention center. Get in touch with the best bail hearing lawyer today.

What is a surety?

A bond is an amount of money that must be paid so that a detained person can be released in order to appear in court. Immigration bonds are different from government bonds. Immigration bonds must be paid by a Lawful Permanent Resident. They can also be paid through a bond company. Once the government receives the payment, the person will be released while they wait and go through the removal process before an immigration judge.

Eligibility for release on immigration bond

In general, a detained person can apply for immigration bail if they do not pose a danger to others and are not in danger of absconding. Other factors are also taken into account. Some detainees are ineligible for bail for various reasons, including –

  • Have been convicted of certain crimes,
  • Previously deported and illegally re-entered the country,
  • Being associated with gangs (inside or outside the country in question).

However, each case is different. Bail is only one option to be released. Your family member can also apply for parole. These are granted by decision of the Department of Homeland Security. Parole can be requested from the Department of Homeland Security showing humanitarian reasons that justify that the person should be released. This may include health reasons for the detained person or a member of their family.

Request a bond hearing

The Department of Homeland Security is the first to determine a bond. If DHS has not set a bond, it can be requested from the Immigration Judge. Bail can also be requested before seeing the Immigration Judge filing a Motion for Bail. The Immigration Judge can grant said bond. The sooner you send the Motion for Bond to the Judge, the sooner you will be released, if the bond is accepted.

Contact the Law Office

If you contact a professional law firm, it can review your case and determine if you are eligible for a bond, even if you have already been told no. The immigration bond attorney is dedicated to helping the clients get out of detention centers and reunited with their families. From requesting a bond hearing to representing your best interests in court, the r team is ready to help you. In short, choosing a trusted bail lawyer who gives us the guarantee of representing us adequately is a process that requires time and takes many aspects into account. However, we are sure that if you take into account all that we have just discussed here, it will be much easier than you think.