Read This to Know How Auto Transport Works

Even transporting a standard-sized TV can be a challenge, especially if you want to send it in a cost-efficient and safe manner. So, you can imagine, how challenging it would be to transport a car to send to a new location, which is 1000 miles away.

If you decide to send through a cargo plane, then its cost of shipping will be ridiculously high. Perhaps you will find it hard to find a cost-effective and reliable means to send your car to a long-distance destination.

If you do further research then you will know that the reasonable choice available to you is to take the service of an auto shipping company. If you are not fully aware of their services then reading this article can help you to learn a few important information.

You can find a top rated enclosed auto transport company like Ship a Car, Inc. who is in this business for a considerable duration and is well connected with many transporter’s networks throughout the country and abroad.

Before you discuss with them, you must get some info about this business.

How auto transporting functions

The process of your transporting car will start when you start an initial dialog with the representative of any car shipping company. During your initial discussion, the auto transport service representative will like to know the following few details:

  • Your starting location
  • Your final destination
  • Your car’s specific details like color, year of the model, model name and make, estimated value, etc.
  • Specific handling instructions like your preference for an open-air transport or enclosed container.
  • Whether you prefer a pickup and drop facility

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Who will receive your car?

Based on the above details, they will offer their quote for the services. Once both you and the transporter agree to all terms and conditions you have to sign an agreement.

Once you decide the date of pickup, an agent from the auto shipper will visit you for taking your vehicle or ask you to deliver your car to the company office, which is as per your mutual agreement.

Your auto shipping company may delay transporting your car, as he may like to collect a few more cars on the same route that of yours so that he can use his carrier to collect maximum number of cars.

During the transit, you will be able to track the location of your car, and as soon as the car arrives at the destination then as per your agreement either the transporter will deliver the car to your address or you may have to visit their office to collect your car.

Before receiving your car delivery, you must inspect your car for any damage during transit and if any damage is found then you must make an insurance claim.

If everything is well then you need to make necessary payment and you may take your car and the process completes there.


Before you short-list any auto shipping company, it will be necessary to investigate the various pros and cons of different options available for auto transportation. Then you can help you to select the right service provider that can fit your budget and also your security requirement.