Application of Laser Cutting Sheet Metal Technology in the Workshop

Technology for laser cutting perth in metal fabrication workshops, as a new process, is a product of the development of modern science. The advantage of using a laser cutting machine is the high cutting accuracy.

CO2 lasers or YAC lasers are commonly used to process two-dimensional and three-dimensional cuts.

Laser source power varies from 5W to 90kW, laser from 100W to 1500W powder is mainly used in cutting sheet metal parts.

Laser Cutting Sheet Metal Technology

When the output power is less than 1500W, the laser source is in single-mode oscillation position, and 0.2mm wide can be cut. The cut is clean and even with it; when the output power is greater than 1500w, the laser source is in the multi-mode oscillation position. The pattern can be cut to a width of 1mm, but there will be some dirt.

When thick plates are cut, additional gas is required to be used. Additional gases include air, oxygen and nitrogen, among which nitrogen can prevent oxidation of the cutting surface during the cutting process, and oxygen is suitable for high-speed cutting of thick plates. CAD or CAM technology can be used in laser cutting sheet metal to provide machining information and processing parameters for work-cut and laser model processing, enabling fast, high-precision production and automated cutting. In particular, it requires mold replacement, which can shorten the production preparation cycle and reduce production costs.

Laser cutting technology, laser welding technology, laser drilling technology, and laser forming technology also require skilled manipulation by technicians in the production and processing of sheet metal cutting. With the development of laser processing technology, metal fabrication workshop production and processing will inevitably reach a stable, reliable, efficient and highly automated level.

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