An Overview of the Terms Used In Online Casinos

If you are new to the industry, then this is the right place you should be. This is because this article is an overview of the world’s fastest-growing industry, i.e. online gambling. These casino games are an attraction for millions of people. This is because the casinos are not just to have fun, but also to win extra real money. If you fear that you need to invest your money to buy a laptop for the gaming experience, then you are certainly mistaken. This is because these online casinos can be operated on mobile phones too. We know you have plenty of information about online casinos, but have you ever come across an article that explains casino terms? Well, here it is.

Terms Related To Online Casinos

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  • Ante: This term is used in certain casino games where a bet is placed even before starting the round of the game. That bet is known as the ante.
  • Bankroll: In online casinos, you need real money to play. That total amount of real money that a player keeps just for gambling is known as a bankroll.
  • Beef: In simple words, it is a dispute. All the disputes that are between the casino and the player are termed beef.
  • Blinds: In online casinos, certain situations occur where the players have to place forced bets. These forced bets are called blinds.
  • Blind Bet:As the name suggests, this bet is placed blindly. By that, we mean, in this case, the players place their bets before even seeing their cards.
  • Break-even point:This situation arises when the amount that the player wins is equal to the amount that the player has wagered previously.
  • Bug: This term is used in poker. The bug means the wildcard that is used only for two things viz. creating straights and flushes.
  • Call: This is used when the players are ready to accept the current wager set by the previous players even before passing the action to the other one who is sitting in a clockwise direction to the player.
  • Card Counting: This is a simple term used in blackjack games where the task is to count and remember the cards that have been played.
  • Cashback: This term is used in all games. When the players lose a bet, they get a refund. That refund is known as cashback.


There are many more terms for online casinos, such as camouflage, random number generators, cascading reels, cash out, chips, classic slots, coat tail, draw, drop, etc, but these will be covered in another article. Till then, the players may try their luck in a trusted Indonesian online casino, which is Rajawaliqq. Here, you get a huge variety of games that can be enjoyed from any place in the world. Moreover, the players get an advantage of claiming fantastic bonuses and rewards as well.