A Complete Guide for using MTK Flash Tool on Windows PC

Download the MTK Flash Tool for Windows desktop or laptop and flash any MediaTek smartphone or tablet today. It is widely used and popular flash tool for Android smartphones powered by MediaTek chipset. This post is all about MTK Flash Tool, the excellent flashing software for Windows computers. We have covered all details about this flash tool, including the latest setup file, how to download and install on a desktop.

As we have mentioned earlier in our previous posts, flashing is an advanced task that carries a few significant risks. If you are a beginner and attempt to flash any MediaTek smartphone, then read the whole post thoroughly and follow each step carefully. Also, check out the pre-requirements and warnings. For your convenience, we have added the download links of other required tools and software like MTK USB driver and MTK smartphone-based Stock Firmware. Now keep reading and get the official and latest MTK Flash Tool for flashing your Android device. Before sharing the flash tool, let’s check out what is it and why do you need it.

What is MTK Flash Tool?

MTK Flash Tool is a powerful Firmware flashing tool for Android smartphones. MediaTek Corporation specially develops it for flashing all MediaTek smartphones and tablets. Currently, this flash tool is compatible with only the Windows platform (Windows 7/8/10). It allows the users to flash the MTK Stock Firmware. It provides the admin access to the device system and lets you perform the advanced development tasks, in which the average users do not have the permission.

Why do you Need an MTK Flash Tool?

To flash the MediaTek powered smartphones and tablets, you need to download MTK USB drivers, MTK Flash Tool, and Stock firmware for the specific models. The primary function of the MTK Flash Tool is to flash any MediaTek smartphone. Suppose your MediaTek mobile is getting slower, crashing the whole system, having boot loop, or software operating related issues. You can flash the stock firmware using the MTK Flash Tool.

Many developers and advanced users need to change the stock firmware, and that’s when they need to download MTK Flash Tool for flashing the stock and custom firmware. Also, this flash tool speeds up the flashing process efficiently. Though MTK Flash Tool is the official firmware flashing tool and we have shared the user manual, but we must warn you that flashing is a risky job. Professionals and experienced developers must carry out the process.

MTK Flash Tool Features

Flashing Stock Firmware

If you are looking for the best flash tool for MTK devices, then you can download MTK Flash Tool. It allows you to flash stock ROM on your MediaTek smartphones as well as tablets. If your device is bricked or dead, then you can repair the device by flashing the stock firmware using this flash tool. Also, it will help you to get it factory reset in case you have forgotten the password or pattern lock. If your device is facing boot loop and system software issues, you have to use this tool to flash the ROM.

Supporting MediaTek Smartphone

As the name suggests, this flash tool supports only MediaTek smartphones and tablets. You cannot use this tool for flashing other chipset based device. This tool is compatible with all MTK chipset series.

Flashing Custom ROM

The stock firmware has limited functions for users; the manufacturers restrict the device performance. In that case, custom ROM has evolved to extend the functionalities of the stock firmware. It is modified and edited by professional developers. So to enhance the hardware performance and extend the battery life of the device, many users and developers flash the custom ROM.

Supporting .cfg and .txt File Format

Do you need to flash the .cfg or .txt file? Well, you can use this flash tool. MediaTek Flash Tool is compatible with all .cfg and .txt based stock ROM on your smartphone.

Recovery ROM Flashing

Apart from flashing stock firmware and custom ROM, you can use this tool for flashing Stock or Custom Recovery. Flashing custom recovery is necessary if the users want to include advanced functions as well as features to their MTK smartphones.

Download and Install MTK Flash Tool Latest Version

In the above sections, we have described what MTK Flash Tool is and why it matters to you. Now, we are going to share how to download and install the MTK Flash Tool. If you are a beginner, we recommend following each step carefully; otherwise, you may destroy the device. The official tool is getting updated regularly, and we suggest downloading the latest flash tool software because the older versions may not be compatible with your device and other means.

If you are following the above steps and requirements, then it is time to download the MTK Flash Tool latest version from website. The procedure is simple and straight-forward. If you are a beginner, then do not worry. We will walk you through the whole process. In this post, we have listed all available MTK Flash tool versions. We have provided the latest version; you will get the previous versions too.

Step 1: Click the “Download” button.

Step 2: After a few seconds, a zip file will be downloaded on your PC.

Step 3: Go to the download folder of your computer and look for the “MTK Flash Tool” zip file.

Step 4: Unzip/ extract the zip file in a folder using any compression software.

Step 5: After extracting the zip folder, you will see the “.EXE” setup file among the other programs.

Developer Credit: MediaTek Inc. has developed and distributed this flash tool. As freeware, we have shared it on our site. So all credit goes to them for creating such an essential flash tool.

Warning: In the above sections, we have described all details about the MTK Flash Tool; however, we must inform you that flashing and rooting is the advanced system task. These are the risky works because if anything goes wrong, your device will be bricked. We strongly suggest you know how to flash correctly. Also, do not attempt to flash if you do not understand what you are doing. And of course, will not be responsible if you do something wrong or brick your device.

Conclusion: So guys, here is all about MTK Flash Tool. We have tried to cover and upload all available tools for your convenience. However, if you do not find the version you are looking for or want the latest version we have not uploaded yet, then let us know in the comment section, and we will update our list ASAP.