9 Events To Drink A Craft Beer In Singapore | Beer Buying Tips

Every time you go to parties or events, there are things that you and other attendees would never miss having. Some good examples are alcoholic drinks like wine and whisky. But, there is one drink that people would always look for: beers. You will see many of them in malls and stores, making buying easy. Remember to check the varieties, especially if you are picky about your drink. If you are into flavour, consider drinking craft beer in Singapore.


Celebrations will always have alcoholic drinks because it makes the mood light and happy. Go to a comfortable place for you and your friends, grab a craft beer, and enjoy the night. It does not matter if you will drink indoors or outdoors. What matters is the people and the moments of being with them. So to know when you can have drinks with them, here is a guide:


Birthday celebrations, especially for adults, are incomplete without a craft beer. It is what adds life to the event and makes people enjoy it. But if what you will hold is a birthday party for kids, consider having the beers after the celebration. But, drink moderately and ensure safety when going home.


Beers are also popular at weddings, especially in a garden or at a beach wedding. You can have it in bottles and cans, but there are also refill stations. For your visitors who will stay until the night, prepare enough beers to ensure that they can still go home safely with their families. Drink in moderation to also protect your health.


If you and your partner celebrate your anniversary, having a craft beer will complete your celebration. You can go to a bar to drink or stay at home and chill together. For simple anniversary celebration ideas, add movies and snacks to give life to your beer.


For friends and classmates who have not seen each other for years, having some talks while having a drink can make your conversations lively and exciting. Do not forget snacks to make the gathering more fun. Some reunions already offer alcoholic beverages even before the event starts. But some give it while in the middle of the celebration.


People hold festivals with different themes. And if you want to do the same, include craft beer on your menu. You may invite as many people as you want, but ensure that you have enough people to keep every attendee safe. But aside from beer, you can also have other drinks like juice, sodas, and other beverages for non-alcoholics.




If the event is inside the office, you rarely see people having a beer. It is to respect the place, knowing it is for professional use. But if the venue will be in a different location like restaurants and bars, alcoholic drinks are allowed. And if you are going to attend a company event, anticipate that beers and wines will be there. If the place is far from your home, drink based on what your body can handle. Do not be swayed by pressure given by your workmates.


Having a craft beer during meetups is okay if you have already completed your work. But if you are only starting, know what you can finish if you start drinking early. Focus on the agenda of your meetup before spending your time drinking and having fun. Just consume what you can to guarantee safety.


You and your workmates can go for a drink after work, whether you had a successful or stressful day. Search for a bar near your office and have a couple of drinks. You can go all-out if it is your day off the next day. But if you still have an office, put a limit on your liquor.


Going on a date can also involve drinking a craft beer. But think of how you can go home safely, especially if you drive. But if your date will be in your home, ensure that you do not have any schedule the next day to avoid being late or absent.

If you attend any of these events, you can guarantee that you will see drinks that could make your talks and conversations vibrant. But if you are going to host the occasion, the first thing to do is look for a craft beer online in Singapore. Ensure that they are legitimate to make your money worth it and that it will go to the right hands.


Now that you already know when and where you can drink a craft beer, be aware of how to buy one. It will help you look for a legitimate brand that could offer you a taste-rich drink that could add life to your events and night. If you drink alone but want a stock at home, here are some tips for buying drinks:



Before buying a craft beer, check its benefits and how it helps your health. You will know about it by researching or by asking the supplier. If you want to get more accurate information about the drink, reach out to the brand and talk about the product.


Craft beers have differences from other beers, and you need to know about them. It will help you choose which liquor suits you, especially your health. Also, search for other drinks, like sour and fruit beers, dark ale, and summer ale.


Search for a legitimate craft beer supplier in Singapore to find a good beer for your events. Before buying from them, read the company background and the reviews of their customers about the product.

Have a beer in your refrigerator, whether you drink alone or host an event. You can have it if you are not having a good day or had a successful one. Whatever happens, grab a beer and enjoy the rest of your day. And to have enough stocks at home, search for a craft beer shop in Singapore or visit the website of Arvo Drinks.