6 Auto Gate Problems in Singapore You Need to Know

There are various reasons why a security system in Singapore, including an auto gate, is necessary for your property. Some of these include a high crime rate in your neighbourhood, valuable assets, and privacy. On top of these, the ability to remotely open your gates is a convenient method, especially on days when there is heavy rainfall.

However, your auto gate system in Singapore has its share of problems you need to deal with in time. Leaving these issues unsolved can cause headaches to property owners such as you. Furthermore, your gates may worsen over time, eventually needing a complete replacement.

If you are new to having an auto gate system on your property, read the article to learn more about these six problems you may encounter and how to solve them.

6 Auto Gate Problems in Singapore You Need to Know

Too Much Noise

While an auto gate system produces noise, too much of it is a problem. Another alarming sound you should look out for is when your gate screeches. The reasons behind this vary according to several factors. Some of these can either be any of the following:

  • The mechanism moving the auto gate may have worn out.
  • Obstructions, such as pebbles, along the gate track may cause it to screech.
  • Your auto gate requires fresh grease or oil.

While some of these problems, such as obstructions and fresh grease can be done by yourself, worn-out mechanisms require an auto gate repair service in Singapore to avoid further damage. Depending on your situation, these can involve reassembling the components or acquiring new parts. Additionally, do not attempt to remove obstructions that are firmly stuck in your gate without seeking the advice of a professional.

Power Outage

Your auto gate system in Singapore requires constant electricity to function properly. Constantly checking the power fuses of your gate is crucial as any problem with its components may result in cutting out the electricity supply of your security system.

If you have the proper skills to replace them, feel free to do it yourself. Blown fuses require replacement immediately to avoid further complications. However, seek the help of an auto gate repair service if you have no experience in electrical work. Attempting to do this yourself may result in worsening your existing problem, as well as affecting your home electrical system and in worst cases, endangering yourself.

Once again, this is a reminder that when dealing with electrical issues, seek the help of a professional to avoid complicating your problem or putting yourself in danger. The only time you should consider doing it yourself is if you have experience dealing with your issue.

Remote Control Problems

Kindly-illustrate-a-person-holding-a-remote-control-and-pointing-it-at-an-auto-gate-Thank-you There may be cases where your auto gate system is functioning properly despite displaying odd behaviour. It can be frustrating to get locked out of your home, especially after you just had a repair service work on your security system. In cases such as this, your remote control likely has a problem. Check its battery and operational indicator to ensure that it is working correctly. It is always advisable to have spare batteries in your vehicle in case your remote runs out.

However, if your problem persists, it may be time to get a replacement for your device. Order a new one from your manufacturer as soon as possible. If you are buying from a different source, ensure that the product is compatible with your auto gate to avoid wasting money.

Obstructed Sensors

It is common for an auto gate system to utilise sensors that trigger upon detecting motion. Blocked sensors may result in your gate failing to open. If you are experiencing this issue, insects and vermin may likely be the culprit. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that animals such as ants won’t find the dark crevices of your auto gateas an ideal place to build their home. Besides bugs, moss and mould may obstruct your sensor.

Regularly inspect your sensors by eliminating dirt and other animals to avoid this problem. Depending on the severity of your issue, a simple wipe of cloth may be enough to clean it. However, if the situation is alarming, hiring a professional to clean your auto gate system may be necessary to ensure that everything is clean.

Gate Track Obstructions


Depending on the kind of auto gate system you use, it may be utilising tracks to work. Once you notice your gate failing to open or close completely, the culprit behind it may be debris. Some of these obstructions can be any of the following:

  • Soil
  • Pebbles
  • Leaves
  • Rust

There are various solutions to this issue. Regularly sweeping the path helps in preventing debris from building up. Additionally, using air compressors in your track can eliminate any obstructions. A lubricant is a viable option when you are dealing with rust.

Worn Gate Track

A brand newauto gate system will open and close smoothly. However, it may start jerking or get stuck over time. Once you notice this in your gate, it might be a sign that its track is worn. However, it is advisable to inspect for debris before calling an auto gate repair service in Singapore. Once you verify that your gate tracks have a problem, hire a professional to fix your issue as soon as possible.


Convenience is one of the primary reasons people use an auto gate for their property in Singapore. Aside from this, the privacy, security, and aesthetic appeal of it are some of the other things why people want them.

However, it is undeniable that this security system in Singapore has its own set of issues property owners may have to deal with in time. No matter what the problem is, there are solutions to these complications.

If you are unfamiliar with the problems of an auto gate system, never forget the issues listed in this article which might help you in the future.

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