5 Interesting Floor Tiling Questions that Everybody Wants Answered 

Floor and walls are the two things that actually set the entire personality of a house – its look, its feel, as well as its charm. So, why would you want to take risk with the kind of material that you would choose for the floor and walls? Yes, we know, we all know, that not everybody can afford real stone or real wood. But then, there are options – options just as good as the real ones. Wondering what those are? Well, what we are talking about are ceramic tiles – the queens of house renovation. 

Naturally, there are many questions that might be popping in your head about ceramic tiles. Then, let’s not keep you waiting and quickly take you through the different questions that might be troubling you and their answers. 

  1. Is Ceramic very expensive since it’s so good?

No. Nope. Nada. That’s the charm of ceramic. It’s affordable – won’t cost even 1/4th of what you would have had to spend if you would have used real wood or natural stones. 

  1. Where should I buy ceramic tiles from?

This is the one question of maximum value because the seller you choose decides the quality that you’ll get. So, here’s how you should choose:

  • Read the testimonials. 
  • Visit the showroom. 
  • Ask around for rates. 
  • Ask a lot of questions when in the showroom. 

You’d be amazed at the quality of products at showrooms like Ceramique au Sommet floor tiles. The variety they offer is so huge and their tiles are so strong that they are, indeed, one of the best tile suppliers in Canada. 

  1. Is ceramic even going to last? 

More than you can think. Did you know that when installed in the right way, ceramic tiles can last for decades? 

Here’s why they are so strong. 

  • They are made scratch resistant. 
  • They are water resistant too. 
  • They do not catch stains from oil, wine, or vinegar. 
  • They will not absorb moisture; hence, won’t fester germs due to moisture that real wood does. 
  • They are impact resistant and aren’t easy to crack. 
  1. Will I have to pay a lot for their maintenance after they are installed? 

First, make sure you get them installed by professionals so that they can be fixed properly. Now the answer to the question – no, ceramic tiles are easy to maintain. 

  • You can clean them with simple water, a normal disinfectant, and a mop. 
  • If one tile cracks, it can be replaced easily. You won’t have to get the entire area redone. 
  1. Now I’m intrigued. What are the varieties?

Many. The most popular ones are as follows. 

  • Soligo tiles in different colors. 
  • Polished and unpolished tiles. 
  • Small and large tiles. 
  • Retro tiles. 
  • Designer tiles. 

All in all, you just need to choose the right seller. The rest of the work will then be simple.