4 Solutions to Convert PDF File to Word (DOC) for Free

4 Solutions to Convert PDF File to Word (DOC) for Free

It is known that PDF files are not easily editable and often it is not even possible to copy the text with the classic copy and paste. For this reason, many users are looking for ways to convert PDF files to DOC, the famous Microsoft Word document format. There are several tools for this and today we want to introduce you to four, two programs and two sites, so that you can choose and find the best possible solution to convert PDF files to Word.

1. Free PDF to Word Converter

The first software we present to you is called Free PDF to Word Converter , a completely free program that you can use without time limits. It works on all Windows operating systems and the download file is only 3.8 Mb. Once the download is complete you can start installing the program. Installation is quick and easy and you won’t need help to complete it.

Once Free PDF to Word Converter is installed on your PC you can launch it and start converting PDF files.

When we launch the program we are immediately shown the screen for converting PDF files to Word .

As I mentioned and as you can see, the interface is very simple and intuitive.

The first thing to do is to insert one or more PDF files to convert . To do this you have to click on Select File or you can directly drag the PDF files into the first field called Convert your PDF files .

Now, clicking on the Select another folder link you will need to select the folder or path where you want the DOC file to be saved after conversion.

Once this is done you just have to click on the Convert button and wait the time necessary to convert the PDF file you have chosen.

You will have noticed that on the right side of the screen there is a box: it will show you the content of the PDF file you have inserted. Using the buttons you find you can then scroll through the pages and enlarge them to view them better.

2. Free PDF to Word DOC Converter

Again a program with a name very similar to the previous one. This software is capable of extracting both text and images from PDF files and keep the same layout after converting to Word format. You can convert all pages or just one of those indicated by us. The file to download is only 1.07 Mb and as soon as the download is finished you can start installing it. Installation is quick and easy and there is nothing you need to know about it. Simply follow the few instructions you find there.

Free PDF to Word DOC Converter is very easy to use. The first thing to do is select the PDF file we want to convert . Then click on the Browse button on the left and insert it.

With the right Browse button instead we can choose in which folder to save the PDF file after its conversion into Word (DOC).

In the General Options box we can decide whether to convert all pages or just some of them to Word, whether to convert images as well as text and which font to use for the new Word file in DOC format.

Once this is done, we just have to press the Convert to Word Document button to start converting our PDF to Word format.

3. AnyConv

AnyConv is a site that offers a tool to be used directly online for converting PDF to DOC.

Once we land on the site, we will immediately realize that its use is really simple and basic, so it can be used by everyone, even by those with little experience in the field of conversion. Like every tool presented on our blog, AnyConv is also available in a completely free version and does not require special registration or subscription.

But now let’s see what are the main features and functions of the application and what are the steps to take to convert PDF files and much more to Word .

First of all as soon as we are on the site we have the opportunity to choose a language among those present which are: English, Spanish, German and Italian. Once the language has been selected, we just have to follow the steps described below.

Input (upload the file): This step involves uploading the file to be converted directly from the folder of our PC using the Browse button . The formats of the input files can be: JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF and PDF. After carrying out this step, we can proceed to the realization of the second.

Output (choose the final format): In this case, we must choose the final format that our file to convert will have to assume. The final format present is TXT.

After carrying out the two simple steps described above, the tool will direct us to a new page where we will be shown the text processed in TXT format.

The best features and functions of this great online tool will be listed below.

The main features of this service are:

  • Accurate images for text conversion
  • PDF scanned to text conversion
  • Support PDF, GIF, BMP, JPEG as input
  • Low resolution images
  • Works online, without installation
  • It allows you to upload more than up to five files
  • No limit on the number of conversions
  • Auto adjust image files for best results


Here is the second site to convert PDF to Word. It is available in Italian and its usage screen already says it all. Upload the PDF file to convert, enter your email to receive it and click the Convert Now button . That’sall.