4 Amazing And Stylish Hairstyle Trends For Men

Neatly trimmed hair is cool. But have you ever seen a man with a stunning half-long hairstyle? They would grab everyone’s attention. Half-long hairstyles certainly stand out from many hairstyles. Who would everyone prefer? Dicaprio from Romeo Juliet or Titanic? It would be tough to choose one. Isn’t it? Dicaprio is a perfect example of a handsome man with a half-long hairstyle is a line stated by one of the barbershop Manhattan.

  • Medium Length Waves 

Wanna have a wavy texture? Waves for men are as hot as the sun. Mainly for a dusky skin tone, it would slay.  A hairstyle perfect for every occasion. Why medium-length waves? Because of its low maintenance. And also it has become a fashion these days. Keeping the top hair long and the bottom ones shorter. Comb the long hair backward to make it look more fashionable. 

Damn, you like Arthur from the total eclipse. That was a compliment by the way!

  • Spiky Fade Cut

A study by barbershop Manhattan states, spikes have ruled the hairstyling industry for many years, and still, men love it. If you think spikes aren’t cool anymore then you are wrong. Have you seen Zayn Malik with spikes? He looks cool. Spikes add a cool feature to your overall look.

Though Spikes take a bit of time. It’s more modern and they’ll never go out of style. Using a pomade pull the top hair up and make a few uncoupling spikes. Use a hair spray to make it stand perfectly. Spikes can be worn on different occasions. Mainly they’ll look more attractive to informal parties. 

  • Back Brushed Hairstyle

One of the commonly seen Hairstyles. The way the hair is brushed will make the difference and will certainly stand out. The clean edges around the ear make it more masculine. The finest option for mid-length hair. Arrange all the mid-length hair backward and make the look complete. People with this look seem to be peaceful. The perfectly trimmed edges look near the year give a modern charm. This hairstyle is preferable for any occasion.

  • Grown Out Layers

Grown-out layers represent a sensible character. An attractive style for a diamond face. With this style on your head, you’ll be a Dicaprio! A style that can be used for both formal and informal meetings. Blow-dry the hair and with the help of a round brush flip the ends. 

Most barbershop Manhattan follows hairstyle trends and even gives trendy look too old-fashioned styles. It’s their talent to make everything awesome.


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