10 North West experiences you need to add to your bucket list

Having some bucket list goals can be great if you want to put some spark back into your life or experience everything you’ve wanted to do around the world.

There are just too many things to add to a bucket list, and you can end up performing mental gymnastics trying to work out where to start. But if you’re the more adventurous type and have North West Australia in mind, then why not try these off-the-beaten track experiences for something that little bit different?

Experience Aboriginal History and Culture

A trip to Western Australia would not be complete without immersing yourself in Aboriginal history and culture. Learn about traditional bush medicine, taste fresh bush tucker, listen to Dreamtime stories and how they have been connected to the earth, spirit world and the stars since time began. You can even be a hunter-gatherer for the day and learn how to catch fish with traditional practices.

Murujuga National Park’s Outdoor Art Gallery

Now this is incredible – to see 50,000 years of human history in the form of prehistoric rock art engravings is like seeing the Egyptian pyramids for the first time. If you go to the Dampier archipelago on the Burrup Peninsula you will experience exactly that. With over one million pieces of rock art, it’s the most diverse rock art collection in the world, giving spiritual and cultural significance to the traditional landowners.

Swimming with Whale Sharks at Ningaloo Reef

If you love the ocean, stunning beaches and pristine tropical waters, explore the magical underwater world of Ningaloo Reef. Here, you can swim with the largest fish in the world – the whale sharks. Ningaloo is the only place in the world where whale sharks visit in large groups as they take respite from their journey across the world’s oceans in search for food.

Swimming with whale sharks is one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences you have to experience if you find yourself at the Ningaloo Reef.

Waterfalls at Talbot Bay

Why not catch a helicopter and soak up the amazing views as you fly into the Australian wilderness? Experience the thrill of some of Australia’s incredible waterfalls that cannot be accessed by foot at Talbot Bay. The Kimberley can be one of the most hostile regions in north west Australia because it is so hot and barren – but wait until you fly over the spectacular waterfalls of Kununurra and land for a swim – you’ll soon realise why it should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Oolin Sunday Island Cultural Tour

Oolin Sunday Island is an untouched paradise, located 200km north of Broome. It’s pretty much as remote as it gets on the north west coast of Australia. Owned and run by the Aboriginal peoples, they are proud to welcome travellers from all over the world and tell them fascinating stories of the history and culture of Oolin.

Track the Dinosaurs

The North West Kimberley region of Western Australia has the most dinosaur fossilised tracks that have been discovered, unlike anywhere else in the world. Also known as the Dinosaur Coast, as it once belonged to the many types of dinosaurs. Why not have a mind-blowing experience as you are taken on a 130 million year history tour?

Sunset Camel Ride

This one is pretty iconic.

You can explore Broome’s famous Cable Beach by taking a ride on the back of a camel whilst relaxing and soaking up the views on one of Australia’s most beautiful beaches. The best time to ride is at sunset – it will guarantee you will have one of the most unforgettable experiences on your trip.

Ultimate Watersports

If want some ultimate water fun to get your adrenaline pumping, there are plenty of watersports to choose from in the region. Honestly, it’s like walking into a candy store for the first time – you won’t know what to try first. From jetskis to fly boards, stand up paddle boards, kayaking, jet packs, kneeboarding, wakefoiling, water skiing, wakeboarding and tubing. Take your pick!

Sail and Discover

For those of you who would rather do something more relaxing but still unforgettable, sit back with a glass of great wine and enjoy a luxury cruise. And there are a bunch of different ones to choose from. There is nothing to say you can’t have a bit of luxury while exploring the North West!

Seeing the Rowley Shoals and Kimberley Coast by boat is a whole new experience. See ancient rock art created 50 million years ago, do some fishing, and harvest some of the best oysters the region has to offer. Cruise into waters few get to see and swim in rock pools that are crystal clear and stunning waterfalls.

The Ardyaloon Hatchery

If you’re after something unique, then why not visit the Ardyaloon Hatchery at One Arm Point, located on the Dampier Peninsula? The Hatchery works to create a commercially sustainable industry for the local Ardyaloon Community, where they preserve declining stocks of the Trochusniloticus shell, indigenous to Australia waters. A local indigenous community guide will guide you through a range of diverse crustacean species, exotic fish and colourful corals, whilst sharing fascinating stories of the BardiJawis, their connection to saltwater traditions and their rich culture.