Why Your Child Deserves an Early Preschool Education

Schools are often touted as the second home of many children before they become old enough to contribute to society with their skills and talents. But how young parents should start sending their children to preschool or kindergarten is a question most people want to know. No one wants to rob children of their precious early years as a child— though there are many reasons a parent would want to send children to a kindergarten in Sengkang or other regions. The earlier you send your children to school, the better it may be for them.

Think about the average Singaporean family. Many couples raise children in families where both parents work and cannot attend to their young ones.  Children need constant stimulation and education to help with their learning. Thankfully, there is a solution to the dilemma of what you should do when you are away from your children.

You can send them to preschool or kindergarten. Instead of bringing them to a daycare or childcare services seattle wa, send them to a learning institution where they can get the stimulation they need. They will start their emotional, physical, and mental growth and have a head start over peers who begin later.

Do not think that your child is too young for school. At four years of age, the human brain can retain more information than you think.  You will only tap into their true potential when they go to a preschool in Ang Mo Kio and other areas near your home.

Why your child deserves to go to preschool early



In a preschool, your children will experience many firsts. A preschool may be the first place children will know about the education system, talk to their peers, and listen to authority figures other than their parents. The best place to drop off a child is a preschool or kindergarten. You should not delay your child’s education if you are either a working parent, a single parent or even one with the chance to bond with their child.

You do not need to look far to see the many benefits of sending your children to preschool as soon as possible. Here are a few reasons to start looking at candidates for your child’s preschool or kindergarten programme.

1) Your child will have fun in their new environment

Getting a preschool education isn’t all about getting lessons, though that is a huge part of the programme. It is also learning to have fun. Teachers create lesson plans with the children in mind. Their age means children should still approach learning with inquisitive minds and enthusiasm. It is crucial during the early years that we do not extinguish that passion for learning because they will need to retain that curiosity and drive later on.

2) Preschool is mentally stimulating for a child

Fun and stimulating are two different words, but they go hand in hand. Learning is a very stimulating activity. Even when surrounded by fun toys and have access to large playgrounds they can constantly play on, children will quickly grow bored of their setup and yearn to be somewhere they can experience new things. A preschool environment is a place that can provide this.

3) Your child will get a head start on their education

The modern Singaporean job market and environment is a highly competitive one that pits many people against each other. Only the most ambitious and talented people can climb to the industry’s top. With so many people entering the fray in the future, your child will need to equip themselves early to get the best possible chances. And while it is a long way ahead for your toddler, you never know what actions have long-term effects on their education, skills, and talents.

4) You can put your kids in a safer place while you are at work

Sometimes, the thought of sending your child somewhere you cannot see them is a terrifying prospect for parents. But sooner or later, you will have to trust them to care for themselves alone. At least a kindergarten in Toa Payoh and other preschools or childcare centres are places where teachers and other people can keep an eye on your children. You can research to know more about which kindergartens are the safest for your child. You can even pick one close to your location to easily pick up your child when needed.

5) At preschool, children can discover their strengths and weaknesses

If you have ever wondered what your child is good in, kindergarten or preschool is the perfect place to discover their strengths and weaknesses. They can nurture talents in writing or arts, for example, or they can hone their maths and science skills more if they struggle to use them. Skill preparation and honing prepare them for later school programmes in higher

grades that involve using these skills.

6) Socialising is easier at a preschool or kindergarten

If your child is shy around other people, even peers, preschool should be the best way to eliminate that fear. School should be a safe place for your child to socialise with similarly aged children under the teacher’s watchful eye and guidance.

7) Your child can form aspirations and goals

Getting a preschool education may be the first time your children will taste the reward of achieving goals related to learning and trying out new skills. Why not nurture their competitiveness by enrolling them in a preschool or kindergarten? It will teach them to be more independent and ambitious.

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