Tee Shirt Printing In Singapore: 9 Designs You Can Print

What are the things you check when buying a shirt? Is it the fabric? Or maybe, the price? Whatever it is that you check, do not forget to look for the pattern. You will see many shirt designs in stores, but sometimes, the prints are not pleasing to others. Choose what you like or anything that compliments your personality. But if you want to make yours unique, look for a t shirt printing service in Singapore. They can provide the design you want for your shirt.


Before getting a tee shirt printing service in Singapore, you should know what you put on the clothing. You will see various ideas if you search online and use them for your shirt. But if you want to stand out, personalise it before submitting the design to the printing service. To help you come up with an idea about you what you will print, here are some examples you can consider:


Many people use shirts as a gift to someone. But instead of buying one, you can customise it with the help of a tee shirt printing service. Before you send them the design, you can create a different one that would match the person who will receive it. It could be about their favourites or the message you want to tell them. Putting a quote is also okay if you cannot think of anything to write.


You will see people wearing shirts with their favourite characters. And you will commonly see it in adults who still watch superhero movies. If this design is what you have in mind, you can also give them to kids. The cartoon character is the next option if superheroes are not what they want. For girls, go for anything with pink on it, and they will like it.


If you need the shirt in a professional setting, the logo is what you will commonly see. You can print it on the middle and the left side, depending on where you are comfortable. People who get this service are from the corporate and food industries. But if you want to use it in sports, look for custom jersey printing in Singapore. You can put many logos there, especially the partners of the sports organisation. If you play basketball or any sports, you will notice that the back also has a print, and it is the surname and number of the player.


If you do not want to put too many designs on your shirt, you can go for aesthetic ones. You will see it in tiny prints and placed in the middle. Pastel colours and short messages are the designs you will notice in this print. You will see many inspirations online and can use them on your shirt. Creating a new one is also possible. Print it on a white, black, or cream shirt to complete the looks. The design would stand out more in those colours.


Aside from the logo, the player name is another thing you can print on shirts. But for athletes, you will see it on the back of their jerseys. If you want the same thing, search for a jersey printing service in Singapore. People who do not play sports also do this for their player relatives or partners. You can do the same if you know someone who is into sports. Knowing their number also helps add design to the clothing.



Print a fruit design if you need a shirt to give a kid. You can base it on their favourite fruit or anything that interests them. Some adults also wear shirts with this design. And if you want it, search for someone to print it for you. Physical and online shirt stores also offer this item, but you need to be patient in checking one that has it.


Another design aside from fruit is food. You can make the design look aesthetic, depending on your preference. The design is not strictly about the food you like. You can use other factors related to the design like a picture of a chef, an apron, or knives. But if you want your favourite foods to be in one place, consider getting tee shirt printing. You can give it to someone close to you, so they can keep remembering you.


Another design for your shirt is a face. You can put the face of someone you idolise or yours. If you will use this at your family events, put the picture of your relatives and distribute it. You can also use your surname to be on the design if this print is not what you prefer. Aside from putting a full-face design, make it look minimalistic. Draw a lip or a nose on the shirt and put other elements like a shape. Use pastel colours to make it look simple yet elegant to the eyes.


Another design for kids is animals. Look for a tee shirt printing service that can provide the print you want and make the kid love the item. Even if you see many shirts with this design in a store, it is better if what you give relates to the recipient. If you want the same design for your shirt, search for them on the internet. If nothing interests you, print what you want. The animal designs you will see are dogs, cats, dragons, tigers, lions, horses, and elephants.

You will have limitless design options in shirts. You can print what you want with the help of a tee shirt printing service in Singapore. But before they print your design, you need to create one first, and it is what you will submit to them. Ensure that what you send is correct because once they start printing, there is no turning back. Get the looks you want for your shirts and jerseys by visiting the website of Express Printing.