Why there is wide use of Google Adwords Keyword planner?

Planning the keywords is very important to get the maximum benefits from online marketing. This is because it is the sole way to attract the concerned audience and thereby increase the traffic on the website. Keywords are nothing but the terms that people search on the web to get their respective easy at hand. But how to get those keywords and target the audience is often very challenging to the practitioners. Well, this difficulty is made easier by the Google Adwords keyword planner. It helps in getting the most searched terms for the concerned product or service and also the lesser one as well. Moreover, it also shows the frequency in which people search for the same and the best location to target those keywords. It plays a great role in the entire online marketing process and keeps the benefits of the business sky-high.

How To Use Google Keyword Planner

If you want to use Google keyword planner for your business and see the possible keywords that you should target for your website, then you can follow the below-mentioned steps. Although it is very easy to use this platform for planning the keywords, keeping some important tricks will help you to get it done effectively. So, here we go!

Step 1: Go to the Google Adwords keyword planner on the web.

Step 2: Enter the concerned service product on the search box. For example, beauty services and then presses enter to get the keywords list.

Step 3: Get the list of most searched, medium searched, and low searched keywords which will be given against all the keywords given on the list.

Step 4: You need to get a combined list of medium and low searched keywords if your online business is new. This is because getting results out of targeting the high-ranking keywords is quite difficult and time-taking. So, initially, you must choose the low or medium ranking keywords.

Step 5: Planning the budget. For every keyword on the platform, you will see the price written. This is the cost per keyword that you need to spend while running your campaign. That is why along with the frequency of search, it is also important to see the budget that you need to invest in Adwords. It is very easy to operate by anyone and also helps in getting the updates of the traffic that visits the website. It is because of all these reasons, this platform for keyword planning while running a campaign has become very popular.