Why should I Sign for a virtual office space in Kodambakkam, Chennai? 

Why are real estate rate and rental charges skyrocketing in Kodambakkam? The reason is -so many new firms are opening up into the Chennai and the room for expansion is not much. Kodambakkam is comparatively only a little metro in Chennai with a location of less than 100 sq. km. extending from Kodambakkam to Ashok Nagar. The ease of access through the entire modes of transport is what makes Kodmabakkam a proper company area. 

Prominent office space

Multiple IT sectors have started conducting into the city over the previous few years. Info-Park into Ashok Nagar and Kodambakkam special Economic zone (CESZ) suited on the east code road are home to several medium to big size companies into Chennai. There is still a huge demand for prominent office space in Chennai in key locations of Kodambakkam. There are most companies prefer to start their offices in these locations due to slighter traffic, easy access to highways and proximity to international airport. 

Virtual office Space

Getting a Virtual office in Kodambakkam is way more economical and your office can be up and conducting in less than a day’s time. The way is extremely demand in countries such as UAE and USA. The actual benefits of virtual office is that you might ignore huge initial costs like office furnishing and even reduce operating costs such as rent, utilities and employee salaries. Nemours companies in Indian metro cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Pune and Hyderabad are now utilizing this process. Chennai has also now joined this community with huge virtual office providers providing the service. 

Kodambakkam’s geography is great for suburban living. There are lot of people living in neighbouring cities for instance Kotturpuram, Pudupet, Abiramapuram, Agaram, Alwarpet and commute to the city regularly. The new proposed Chennai Metro Rail project construction that would be commencing soon is going to make the city more accessible. But the construction would happen into the middle of existing narrow roads that is going to increase the effective commercial space for rent on the already congested roads of the city.  

In order to those business owners who are living and operating company outside the city, showing address and landline number into the Chennai is extremely necessary to enhance professionalism of your company by getting listed on the local yellow pages of Kodambakkam . 

Signing up for a Virtual office in Chennai would guide small and medium sized companies located anywhere into the world to have their presence into the city by getting a virtual address, virtual phone number, Fax and so on.