Why Is It Rewarding To Establish An Offshore Company In The UAE?

If you are thinking of establishing an offshore company, few locations can compete with the UAE. Since the introduction of offshore organisations in the UAE in 2013, it has become the most attractive jurisdiction. 

Nowadays, a large number of reputed corporations are showing interest in setting up their respective offshore companies in the UAE. With a Dubai offshore company, you can keep your assets confidential.

From adequate protection of assets to low registration costs, it is always rewarding to establish an offshore company in Dubai. 

Undoubtedly, the UAE has a booming market which can render any company a successful run. Another reason which makes the UAE an ideal business destination is its stable political stance. Let’s discover why the UAE is perfect for establishing an offshore company. 

Absence of Tax Burden 

To date, the UAE levies zero tax charges on its offshore organisations. In simple words, as an offshore company in the UAE, you don’t have to pay any taxes. 

The offshore companies operating in the UAE also enjoy a 100% exemption from export and import taxes. Moreover, Value-added Tax (VAT) or tax on capital gains is also not applicable to offshore agencies. So as you can see, the UAE has a supportive tax structure for offshore companies. 

Freedom to keep your Business Information Confidential 

Unlike in other countries, it is not mandatory for a UAE-based offshore company to divulge its business details. 

In simple words, offshore companies are not liable to hold a public record of their shareholders and directors. Therefore, operating an offshore company in the UAE is beneficial as you’re able to maintain your business’s anonymity. 

Ease of Formation 

What makes the UAE popular among entrepreneurs is its fast incorporation process. Note that the minimum time period for setting up an offshore company in Dubai varies between three to seven days. Hence, even in extreme cases, you can establish your offshore company within a week. 

Unlike other countries, the UAE requires only one director or shareholder for company registration. Furthermore, you can operate your offshore company in the UAE virtually. Therefore, it is not necessary for your offshore company to have an office. 

Get Full Ownership of your Offshore Company 

When compared to the GCC nations, there is no need for a local partner to establish an offshore organisation in the UAE. 

In the UAE, the director of your offsthore company can belong to any nationality. Moreover, the shareholder of the offshore company is eligible to operate the business operations. You can contact Emirabiz to get clear insights on how to form a Dubai offshore company.   

Ability to activate Multiple Currency Bank Accounts 

An offshore company in the UAE has to freedom to set up multiple currency bank accounts. This provides added flexibility to the MNCs and international companies in fund management. MNCs can easily create bank accounts in their preferred currency. 

Undoubtedly, the UAE is a haven for business growth. From a supportive business environment to reduced tax burdens, establishing an offshore company is truly rewarding.