What you need to know before purchasing a drone

Currently, drone is a real hit with both amateurs and complete beginners. Choosing the right drone can be a complicated and tedious task as there is a plethoric offer in the market. There are many models available and it can be difficult to pick the right one. We want to help you find the device that meets your needs and your budget. Our purpose is therefore to provide you with clear and precise information on the criteria to be taken into account.

Your skill level

Choosing a drone that suits your level of flight proficiency is essential. Drones can be easy or difficult to fly, it all depends on their characteristics and how they were designed. You can find drones flown by kids as well as others that require the skill of an expert like a specialist of drone filming marseille. For instance, if you are buying a drone for a child, you should choose a cheaper and sturdy device that has safety features like propeller guards. It would then be wise to turn to mini-drones or drones for beginners. If you are a more seasoned pilot, you should choose a drone with more advanced features that will allow you to hone and develop your skills. Camera drones and racing drones will then be more suited to your profile.

The use of the drone

When choosing a civilian drone, it is important to think about how you plan to use it after purchase. A drone can be used in different ways. Some can fly indoors while others can only handle outdoors, some focus on stunts and others specialize in photography and drone filming. You will therefore have to ask the right questions before investing in a specific device. Take time to ask your those around who have owned drones for a while. Compare the best models to know which one suits you best.

Take the drone functionalities into account

Each drone having its own characteristics, it is crucial to choose according to their different specificities: size, solidity, flight time, resistance to wind, obstacle radar, sensitivity of the camera lens, etc. Even the accessories vary by model. If you want to start flying your drone right away, you can choose a RTF model, that is, ready to fly. If you are increasingly demanding on the quality of photos and videos, then you can turn to a drone with a 4K camera.

Durability remains a priority when you select your drone. In other words, a device with protections will be the right choice. In order to achieve stunning and near-professional videos, some models feature intelligent shooting modes. Most drones send a video stream directly to a receiver which can be a smartphone or a remote control.

The quality/price ratio of the drone

The price always comes into consideration when making a purchase. The price of a drone varies from a few tens to several thousand euros. Of course, your budget should limit your choice somewhat. However, comparing well in order to choose well can be wise. Unfortunately, some high-end drones do not always perform as well as mid-range ones. It is therefore important to learn about the specifics of each drone and possibly read the various reviews and comments. This information will tell you how the drone is made and how it works for other users.

Those are the main criteria you have to take into account while buying. It should be noted that online training is mandatory for recreational pilots of drones over 800 grams in Marseille or in other French towns. This free training emphasizes good practices to adopt when owning a drone of an imposing size.