What Are The Leading Technical Ranking Factors In SEO? 

Building your website’s organic presence is the best way to make it visible. When you want to make your website visible, you can’t ignore the technical ranking factors. Technical SEO is essential for enhancing page speed. 

Nowadays, page speed is the most critical ranking factor for most search engines as it directly influences the user experience. A website that loads swiftly will attain good ranks. On the contrary, if your website loads slowly, it will rank below its competitors. Some of the common technical ranking factors in SEO are as follows.  


The robots.txt file in your website tells Google which URLs the crawlers can crawl on your website. The primary function of the robots.txt file is to prevent overloading the website with requests. The robots.txt file tells the search engines which pages to index on your website. The robots.txt file lies in the main directory of your website. 


A sitemap is another integral element of technical SEO. It assists the search engines in discovering the URLs on your website. Moreover, if your website is vast and comprises numerous web pages, integrating a sitemap is the best option. The sitemap can help you explain the goals of your websites to crawlers. 

A well-designed sitemap should be linked to your website’s homepage. The search engines would find it easier to index your website when it’s linked to the homepage. Your website’s sitemap file can contain a maximum of 50,000 links. It streamlines the conversion funnel and decreases the number of broken links. 


If your website has a bad crawlability, it will hurt its rankings in the search engines. Usually, search engines don’t go backward to index your website. To ensure that your website has good crawlability, ensure that it has clear, accessible, and readable website data. Without crawlability, your web pages cannot be indexed appropriately. 

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content refers to content available on multiple URLs on the web. If you want to rank higher in organic search results, you must eliminate all types of duplicate content. When there is duplicate content, the search engines may get confused about which URLs to rank higher. In simple words, duplicate content affects your website’s rankings in SERPs. 


Websites with HTTPS would get priority over websites that are still reliant on HTTP. Note that HTTPS is an official ranking factor of Google. With HTTPS, your website can be easily analyzed by search engines. It also indicates that the information of the users will be safe. 

Therefore, using HTTPS in Yandex SEO is a great way to increase user experience. Moreover, the SSL certificate depicts that your website is valuable. It indicates that your website is safe from hackers. SSL certificates can increase the engagement rate of your website drastically. Mark-Up     

The schema markup informs the search engine accurately what your content is trying to convey. It converts unstructured data into structured data. With schema markup, search engines can crawl your website better. 

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP provides the ideal conditions for a mobile website to load quickly. Moreover, with slow data connections, AMP can allow a webpage to be loaded quickly. Integrating AMP can increase your website’s engagement, that’s good for SEO.

So, these are some of the common technical ranking factors in SEO. You can consult with Yandovskiy SEO to know which ranking factors are essential for your website. The agency works on a range of technical SEO factors for its clients.