Weather guard or Royale touch which one do you choose?

How about making your house look new inside out? We always focus on maintaining the inside of our house. Be it a bedroom, living room or kitchen, we always try to improve and beautify these areas. But most of the time we forget to think about our exterior wall which is very important. The exterior wall goes through all kinds of weather be it sunny or rainy or stormy. Therefore, it is required to make the exterior surface weather resistance providing excellent protection from the extreme weather condition, making it durable, shiny, anti-fungal, water and dirt resistant.

Protecting Exteriors

Weather guard is like a shield to protect your house from all kinds of harsh, fierce, humid, sultry and severe weather condition. Opting for a good quality weather guard is significant to increase the life and strength of a structure, thereby improving its appearance.

Professional Waterproofing solutions in Pune and other metro areas are designed to make your structure waterproof by using membranes and coatings to protect the elements so that water cannot penetrate through them. It provides services for an old structure that needs repair and also for a new structure that is constructed. Be it residential, commercial or industrial structure, it provides service for all types of structure. It uses advanced technology and gives high performance to achieve the best results.

Ideas for your Interiors

Once the exteriors are taken care of, it becomes easy to get the interiors done without having to worry about the consequences of bad weather, as the leakage is not going to spoil your interior anymore.

Since the living room is the most cheerful place in the house, as the whole family spend time having fun with each other, it is requisite to make it look attractive. Even it is the place where we host our guests. Our friends and all who step into our house should feel comfortable. Make your living room stunning by selecting these ideas on Paintings for the living room. Paint your wall to beautify it and create positive vibes throughout the house with these amazing colours-


Renew your living room with the shades of green to give it a look of nature. It is a colour of harmony that gives you a feeling of freshness.


Transform your living room giving it a classy effect with this colour. It is one of the hottest design when combined with shades of white.


Make your room more stylish with this colour, giving it a stabilizing effect. It makes the room appear clean and orderly. Combine it with brown and cream colours to make it more appealing.


Create an elegant and serene look of your living area with this colour, making it look spacious and sophisticated.

Sometimes to add value to your interiors, all you need is a touch of royalty. Royale touche is the best laminate brand in India. It is the most premium and luxury laminates that adds aesthetic value to your home. Its synchronized texture makes your room lively with its natural wood finishes. Its moisture protection characteristic prevents the swelling of flooring. It is available in variable plank so that you can choose the exact size that you need. Its liquid layer technology makes it highly stable and trustworthy to meet your needs.

 Give your home a brand new look and a natural feel with these laminates protecting it from moisture, thus preventing the destruction of the structure. Ensure the safety of your house along with adding to its beauty to make you feel at heaven on earth, in your very home.