7 Types of Vibrators You Need To Know Before Knowing Your Choice

Are you in the process of selecting a sex toy? A vibrator is one of the most popular options and was invented by English doctor Joseph Mortimer Granville in the early 1880s. The original function of the device was to treat muscle aches before people started using it for other body parts. When selecting these sex toys, you will be surprised to see how many options are available. Knowing the different options can help you select the best one for your particular situation.


As the name suggests, this device is designed for clitoris stimulation, an ultra-sensitive region near the vagina. The adult toy boosts blood flow to the clitoris, which increases the chance of having an orgasm.

These items can create tremendous sexual pleasure for women due to the clitoris being directly stimulated. This can result in strong orgasms that occur quickly. Learning more clitoris facts can provide a better experience when using these sex toys.


While vibrators are probably best known as female sex toy, you can also find devices designed for couples. These devices have a U-shape that allows one end for penetration and the other end for resting on the woman’s clitoris.

Like other types, you can select from different speeds and pulsating patterns. This provides exponentially more options through the different combinations of patterns and speeds. Meanwhile, it can also provide more stimulation since it stimulates the vagina and clitoris at the same time, rather than one or the other.


These adult toys are available in female and male varieties. The female version is designed to massage the bean-shaped area of the vagina known as the “G-spot.” It’s commonly believed that stimulating this area can trigger results such as female orgasms.

Meanwhile, the male version is used to stimulate the prostate gland. It’s believed that triggering the “P-Spot” can produce various strong sensations.


As the name suggests, these units can be used in a bathtub or shower. You won’t have to worry about the units getting wet while you combine bathing and pleasure. The higher cost might be worthwhile for consumers who are looking for this feature.


Manufacturers design these units for external stimulation based on factors such as shape. They tend to offer precise stimulation of the clitoris, for example, through vibrations. Massage units often include popular features such as a waterproof design and rechargeable battery.

As the name suggests, you can use the adult toy’s flat portion for body massage. It’s a practical application since these devices were originally designed for reducing muscle tension. You can either focus on problem areas or enjoy a full body massage at a much lower cost than electric massage chairs.


This is a smaller version of standard sizes, which provides more portability. The main benefit is you can experience the same benefits of regular units when you’re away from home. The small size also makes it easier to carry the unit in baggage to prevent embarrassing situations.


This option provides various benefits such as cost-effective and eco-friendly. It’s always important to research how many hours you can use the unit on a full charge and how many full charges you get during the battery life. This can add extra value to the unit.

When selecting a vibrator, these are some of the many options you have. They include niches including G-spot, clitoral, and rechargeable. Doing some basic research before selecting a unit can provide the most satisfying results.