Things to do for friends who need support and love

Mental health is a prevalent subject in today’s times and brings to account its various aspects and drawbacks. With rising awareness and sound acknowledgement of the subject, reaching people through social media, especially in times of covid, the support and backing up from the needy has been supremely witnessed. When everyone is out there doing there a bit to improve a person’s life, you should do what’s in your power for your loved ones and everyone around you. Find right here tokens of love and appreciation for those who are fighting distressful times in their lives.

  • Indoor plants

Having plants around you when you are unhealthy, be it physically or mentally is a boon. Get a money plant, lucky bamboo or peace lily. These bushy and growing big plants will bring a beam of positivity, and the little bamboo will shower good luck and happiness.

  • Fruits and favourite food items

Going through a tough spell in life, people miss out on delicious food to get better on doctors recommendations. Fruits, therefore, make the undeniable choice when it comes to both taste and health. It is widespread to have fruits by the bed anyways, do the usual but relevant.

  • Board Games

Bored laying in bed all day with not much to do? You could rely on the forever confidante board games. Ludo, snake and later, business, scrabble, Uno, cards, tombola and some exciting options. Bring a spree of laughter to the room of despair and wish the recovering one a healthy and fruitful life.

  • Regular video calls

If it is cumbersome for you to meet each other, it is understandable. What you can do to avoid this barrier is the use of technology and going for a video call. In times of need real appreciation for who stood by you selflessly arises. Be there for them, and ask for nothing; all they need is love and care.

  • Talk about the world

Meeting a sick person, don’t talk to them about what they have already told a dozen other people, their whereabouts. Tell them what’s going on in the world, update them on their personal agendas, distract them from what attacks their mental health. Be a good friend to them, its what they need the most.

  • Send them surprise gifts

How its shown in movies, people receive flowers laying in hospital beds. Well, give your loved one a Bollywood moment too. Send them a bouquet under the name anonymous and let them figure out who’s the surprise angel of their life. It would be hilarious breaking their dream bubble, knowing it was just their best friend. Just ask simply the best wreath delivery for condolence flowers in Singapore.

  • Decorate their room

When it’s time to come back if they have been seeking treatment somewhere away from their house, be a good friend and decorate their room with balloons along with a must-have get well soon cake. Bring small gifts, call friends and give them a day in their normal life just like it was before.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. You are that friend to them. Kudos, More power to you!