Are Laser Hair Removal Queens Permanent?

Laser hair Removal Queens are not permanent. However, it also depends on the hair growth factor of the human body. Laser hair removal helps to get rid of unwanted hair growth. But it cannot stop growing permanently.

It makes the hair follicles less capable of further hair growth. But it cannot permanently stop it. You will have less hair after laser hair removal than other processes like waxing and shaving.

How Laser Hair Removal Work

Lasers use a beam to continue the hair removal process. It works by converting the light into heat. The laser light gets attracted by the skin pigment. The skin pigments absorb the light and generate heat from inside. This heat destroys the hair follicles. The hair follicles are little bulbs under the hair root. It carries oxygen and blood to the scalp.

The laser light destroys it and the stem cells that are responsible for hair generation. Different research says that the lighter skin tone with dark hair tends to work best with laser hair removal technology. However, Laser hair Removal Queens can be applied to every type of skin.

Why Is Laser Hair Removal Not Permanent?

The hair will not regrow once the hair follicle is destroyed. If it is damaged a bit then the hair will regrow in the same place. However, you can take another Laser hair Removal Queens to treat hairs that grow after laser hair removal.

There will be a low density of hair after laser hair removal. It is due to the damage of hair follicles. There are crores of hair follicles in the body. So, it is impossible to destroy all the hair follicles at a time.

How Long Does It Last

It depends on several factors when the hair will regrow. It is due to the unique hair growth style. The resting phase hair will regrow faster than the other phases. Some people can get regrowth of hair within a few months. In that case, they can take another sitting for laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is not permanent. But it has an effective result. The hair regrows as too thin with low density. Apart from that, this method is painless. To know details about Laser hair Removal Queens contact us.