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Manchester 10k Run: A Decent Time For A Half Marathon

Manchester has a thriving running scene with several clubs and races, with Manchester 10K runs being among the most popular distances. The Great Manchester Run (from 2017 renamed the Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run for sponsorship considerations) is an annual race around Greater Manchester (namely Manchester, Trafford and Salford). Since its inception in 2003, it has been a 10k race, and since 2017, it has become a half marathon.

Moreover, the 10k run is Europe’s most popular of its kind. It is conducted in mid-May on a constant schedule and is the third largest marathon event in the United Kingdom, behind only the London Marathon, the Great North Run. In the United Kingdom, the race is part of the Great Run road racing series. Bupa (2003–2014) and Morrisons were previous sponsors (2015).

What Would It Take To Run A ‘Great’ Half Marathon Time?

First and foremost, no such thing as an “excellent” half marathon time exists. Instead, each race is a personal triumph, and each runner should (and will!) have different objectives when they step onto the starting line.

What Is A Half Marathon’s Length?

Half marathons often cover a distance of 13.1 miles. Meanwhile, the length of time required to cover the distance is determined by your pace, which is influenced by various factors such as your health level and age.

How Long Does Training For A Half Marathon Take?

The duration of training programs can vary, but still, most half marathon training plans will last 10 to 12 weeks.

In the United Kingdom, how long does a half marathon take on average?

In the United Kingdom, the average half marathon completion time is 2:02:43. Half marathon runners of all genders outperform marathon runners, 5K runners, and 10K runners, according to the research.

In The United Kingdom, What Is The Approximately Half Marathon Time For Men And Women?

Men finish the half marathon in 1:55:26 on average. The middle half marathon completion time for women is 2:11:57.

How Long Does A Half Marathon Take On Average?

A man’s average speed in the United Kingdom is 5.57 minutes per kilometre (8.96 minutes per mile). A female runner’s average half marathon speed is 6.40 minutes per kilometre or 10.29 minutes per mile.

What About The Rest Of The World?

According to RunRepeat data, Russia’s typical half race time is 1 hour 45 minutes and 11 seconds, with Belgium (1 hour 48 minutes and 1 second) and Spain (1 hour 50 minutes and 20 seconds) coming in second and third, respectively. On the list, the United Kingdom comes in at number 20.  According to the research, the half marathon is Europe’s favoured distance.

What Is The Men’s Half-Marathon World Record?

The world record for the men’s half marathon is 57:32. At the Valencia Marathon’s half marathon, Kenyan Kibiwott Kandie established the document on December 6, 2020.

What is the record holder for a woman running a half marathon?

Anabel Yeshaneh set the women’s half marathon world record of 1:04:31 on February 21, 2020, in the Ras Al Khaimah Half Marathon.

When It Comes To Your First Half Marathon, What Is A Decent Time To Aim For?

If it is your first half-marathon, a time target of 2 hours, 20 minutes to 3 hours is a good place to start.

What Is An Appropriate Half Marathon Time For Experienced Runners?

A frequent aim for experienced runners is to complete the route in under two hours, equating to an average speed of 9 minutes and nine seconds per mile.

What Is A Decent Half Marathon Time For Top Runners?

One hour 10 minutes to one hour 30 minutes is a frequent objective for top male runners. Female top athletes should aim for an hour and a half to an hour and a half to an hour and a half.

What If I Get Hurt While Preparing For A Half Marathon?

“It’s preferable to arrive at the conclusion of your plan healthy, even if you missed a week or two,” says Paddy McGrath, a running coach. It may cross-train without putting stress on the injured region, depending on when the injury occurs (e.g. swimming, aqua-running or cycling). You’ll be in better condition even if you don’t run.


The Manchester Half is one of the most popular running events in the UK, with around 15000 participants. The Therme Manchester Marathon is a popular running race in the United Kingdom, with a route that is quick, flat, and welcoming.