Is Your Business Taking Part In Cleaning Up Australia?

Clean Up Australia began in 1990 with a simple mission to clean up and conserve the Australian environment. Since then Clean Up events have been held every year, empowering communities to look after their local environments. Businesses, schools and community groups can all volunteer to get involved and protect our natural spaces.

How can your business get involved in Clean Up Australia?

The official Clean Up Australia day 2021 is Sunday 7th March and the official Business Clean Up day is Tuesday 2 March. 

Business can get involved in many different ways.

Running a clean up site – This means choosing a local area to clean up and coordinating the collection and disposal of the rubbish. Clean Up can provide clean up kits to make the event easy and accessible to organise.

Staff engagement events – A great way for your team to bond together and contribute positively to the local community at the same time. A range of practical and fun activities can be found on the Clean Up website.

Donating – Your business can become a supporter of Clean Up Australia by donating.

It takes more than one day to make a positive impact on the environment

One of the things that Clean Up Australia continually says is that our environmental problems cannot be solved in one day. They advocate for businesses, schools and community members to make sustainable changes throughout the year too. 

For businesses that wish to reduce their impact on the environment, changing business habits are important for long term success. The good news is it doesn’t have to be hard or costly. In fact, some simple changes could end up saving money along the way. 

Here are some easy ways that businesses can reduce their carbon footprint:

  • Travel less – choose online meetings where possible
  • Swap to LED lighting – it’s more energy efficient
  • Increase the air con thermostat a few degrees
  • Remove single use plastics from your kitchen – invest in reusable items
  • Buy recycled paper and reduce your printing where possible
  • Choose eco-friendly promotional products

Why businesses should be using eco promotional products

As environmental awareness grows, more and more businesses are moving towards greener choices of promotion. By choosing eco promotional products, a business can show their customers that they value sustainable practices and are actively choosing to reduce their environmental impact. 

Not only are eco friendly products a good choice for the environment, they make smart business sense. By going eco with your promotional products you can:

Reduce your environmental impact – By making positive changes in how they run, businesses can lead the way when it comes to looking after the environment. Even a small business can make a positive impact and help protect the environment.

Boost your brand reputation – More people are looking to spend their money with businesses that are making environmentally conscious decisions. Choosing eco friendly promotional products shows your audience that you share their values and are actively involved in making a positive change.

Stay ahead of your competitors – As the world shifts towards more sustainable practices, brands who don’t change will be left behind. Being more environmentally conscious about your promotional products can make sure your business stays relevant and competitive.

Reach new customers – Eco friendly promotional products can help you reach customers who are concerned about environmental issues. Showing them you care too is a powerful way to connect them with your brand.

Try these eco promotional products for your business

Ready to make the switch to eco promotional products? Here are some great ideas to get you started.

Reusable water bottles – Some experts say that plastic water bottles are Australia’s top waste contributor, despite most of the country having access to clean drinkable water. Empower your customers to use a refillable water bottle instead of buying plastic water bottles. Promotional water bottles come in a wide range of styles and designs including stainless steel and glass options.

Reusable travel cups – After plastic water bottles, some experts estimate coffee cups are the second biggest waste contributor in Australia. You don’t have to give up coffee to reduce that waste – the answer is using a reusable coffee cup. From bamboo to glass options, branded coffee cups are a practical and value-adding promotional product.

Reusable cutlery set – Many takeaway restaurants supply single use plastic cutlery with their meals. A simple way to reduce that waste is reusable cutlery sets that can be stored in your bag for easy access whenever they’re needed. Give your customers a promotional bamboo cutlery set and help them say no to single use plastic cutlery.

Silicone reusable drinking straw – Single use plastic straws are another big waste contributor with an easy solution. Reusable silicone drinking straws come in a range of colours and can be customised with your brand logo or message. A cost effective but useful promotional product.

Bamboo flask – Investing in higher quality materials and well made products that will last a long time is far better for the environment than cheap products which have a short life. A bamboo and stainless steel double wall flask is a great example of a high quality, durable promotional product.

Recycled notebooks – Give new life to materials that would otherwise go to landfill. Recycled notebooks are a low cost promotional product that shows you care about the small details. Print your brand logo on the front and send a message that connects powerfully with your audience.

Recycled hats – If your business benefits from promotional apparel, consider choosing products that are made from recycled materials. Caps and hats are always a popular product that can be customised to reflect your brand well. 

Making a positive impact on your business’ local environment doesn’t have to be hard. Try getting involved with Clean Up Australia this year, making small changes at your workplace and investing in eco promotional products.