iGaming Trends That are expected to Grow in 2023

iGaming Trends

Gambling platforms keep innovating due to advances in technology. There are many changes that are likely to take place in the industry in the coming years. The online gambling market is growing significantly, and it is likely to maintain and outpace this growth. The following are some of the trends likely to occur in iGaming in 2023.

Gambling apps

Mobile apps for gamblers have ushered in a whole new era in gambling. The best casino sites have a gambling app for players who want to play games on their smartphones or tablets. Thanks to the latest technology, players can access games at any time and from anywhere.

Crypto integration

Cryptocurrencies are gaining in popularity, and innovators are constantly looking for new ways to use blockchain technology. There are already online casinos offering crypto transactions as a new form of payment on their platforms. More are likely to follow in the future.

Active regulation

With the global iGaming market growing all the time, the necessity for regulation is increasing too. Gambling is now legal in a number of states in the U.S., and others are in line to legalize it in the near future. With active regulation, they can benefit from the taxes iGaming generates.

More live dealer games

Online gamblers appreciate the human interaction they experience when gambling in traditional casinos. Live dealer games where they interact with human dealers can give them a similar experience. The popularity of live dealer games is encouraging online game developers to create more of them.

Social gaming

Social media platforms have changed the way people interact online forever. Many casino platforms now use social components on their sites to allow users to interact in similar ways as they do on social media. There are certain terms used in online casinos, and understanding casino language means users have a lot in common. They can have a social experience while gambling that adds significantly to their enjoyment.

Wearable tech

Some online platforms are exploring the use of wearable techs, like smartwatches. Microgaming is developing an app that will work on all kinds of smartwatches. An advantage of playing on a smartwatch as opposed to on a smartphone is that it is attached to the wrist and can’t be dropped. Gambling on a smartwatch is very unobtrusive and takes playing on the go to the next level.