How To Make Sure Your Outdoor Christmas Light Installations Are Safe

While it looks like most countries will be spending Christmas while in quarantine, decking out homes with holiday lights is one way to keep the mirthful vibe of this occasion alive. And as they always have, experienced Christmas light installers are again underscoring the importance of ensuring that any Christmas lighting installation project done at home has been safely completed.

If you’re wondering how you can make this year’s rather extraordinary holiday season still festive and safe, this read is for you. We’re rounding up eight tips on how to securely install outdoor Christmas lights.

Have a concrete plan first. First and foremost, you should have a blueprint or layout for your lighting installation — In which parts of your home’s exterior will holiday lights be installed? Are there enough electrical outlets? In relation to having a detailed plan, you should also take the exact measurements of the areas where you’ll be placing your lights.

Use appropriate Christmas lights. Christmas light installers recommend using LED lights because they are energy efficient and relatively safer compared to the traditional incandescent bulbs. To guarantee safety, make sure that your lights (and extension cords) are also rated for outdoor use.

Use cords whose color blends with your exterior. While safety is incontestably a priority, you should not forget about aesthetics as well. Besides choosing which color/s should your lights emit, you should also be mindful of the color of the cords you’ll be using. As a tried-and-tested tip, choose a color that blends with the color of the exterior component where the cords will be installed (e.g. If it’s a tree, use a dark green one; if it’s a white wooden roof framing, use a white-colored cord).

Inspect everything before installing. Before installing anything, double-check if the light bulbs and cords are in good working condition. Never use lights that show signs of damage or those with broken sockets or exposed wires. Also inspect if they are within the right wattage.

Use a sturdy ladder. Christmas lighting installation can be a dangerous task. To avoid accidents, use a ladder that is sturdy and high enough to help you conveniently reach the areas where the lights will be installed.

Don’t install a light on trees in contact with power lines. Adorning your trees and plants in the garden with holiday lights can dramatically transform your home’s exterior during nighttime. However, when doing this one, make sure that the trees where lights will be installed don’t come in contact with any power line to avoid possible fire incidents.

Never overload electrical outlets. Speaking of avoiding fire-related mishaps, you should always be careful not to plug in too many lighting sets in one electrical outlet. Examine the capacity of your outlets and follow all manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to installing holiday lights.

Get help. Professional Christmas light installers can accomplish this task way more efficiently and in a much safer manner. If you’re not confident about doing this on your own and with the help of your family members, it’s better to hire experts than to risk your, your loved ones’ and your property’s safety.