How to Become a Turkish Citizen

Turkey attracts the attention of many foreign citizens with either its location and climate or business opportunities and living standards. The education and healthcare services and social facilities provided enable Turkish citizens to lead a better quality and more comfortable life. In addition, Turkey provides an advantage in terms of visa requirements for its citizens.

Citizens having a Turkish passport get the right to enter many countries of the world without a visa or get a visa more easily. All of these raises the question “How to Become a Turkish Citizen?” for foreign citizens. Because there are some requirements that must be fulfilled in order to become a Turkish citizen.

How to Acquire Turkish Citizenship?

Turkish citizenship is basically acquired in two ways. Citizenship acquired through birth is either established by the birthplace or depended on paternity.  The acquisition of Turkish citizenship later which is the second method happens with different conditions. So, foreign nationals need to uninterruptedly reside in Turkey for at least 5 years based on a residence permit and must also prove that they want to settle in Turkey for the future.

Different conditions need to be met to prove the decision of settlement in Turkey such as getting married to a Turkish citizen, building a business in Turkey territory or purchasing a real estate. Also, it is among the conditions that the person who will apply for Turkish citizenship has an income or job that will support both himself/herself and his/her dependent family.

The first step for foreign citizens who fulfill all these conditions to acquire Turkish citizenship is to apply for citizenship. Different conditions are also included in the relevant regulations for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship.

Also, among these conditions known as exceptions include investing in real estate for the minimum amount determined by the competent authorities, investing in capital assets, holding deposits not less than the specified amount, buying government debt securities and real estate investment fund participation shares  or venture capital investment fund participation shares and providing employment provided that the number is not less than the specified number.

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