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How Do You Know When It Is Time For Professional Skunk Removal

Seeing skunks in the yard can naturally make people nervous. After all, no one wants to be sprayed by this mammal. In some cases, it would be wiser to leave them alone, but other times you will definitely need skunks removal. How can you know which action to take? The following information will help you decide.

Skunks under your Home

Skunks are nocturnal creatures that roam primarily in wooded areas. Even so, city and suburban dwellers can encounter skunks as well. Many times, they will wander into your yard looking for shelter. Skunks are burrowing creatures that often dwell in dens made by other animals. If they cannot find such dens, they may take up residence underneath your porch or deck instead.

Having these mammal underneath your home requires professional skunks removal. Skunks are territorial creatures, and often use their scent to “claim” an area. So having skunks below your porch or deck could mean that you will have to put up with the smell of them, as well.

Damage from Digging

Another problem with skunks is their digging. Polecats use their powerful claws when foraging for insects such as beetles, cutworms, and hornworms. Accordingly, they can cause considerable harm to your yard or garden. In addition, skunks may sometimes claw the wooden support beams under your home, thereby damaging your foundation. If you have experienced this type of damage, it will only get worse unless you eliminate the skunks.

Basement and Window Wells

Basement window wells are very attractive to skunks. However, skunks are not good climbers and will normally be unable to get out of a window well once they are in. Professional skunks removal is then needed in order to trap and relocate the animals.

What happens if a skunk actually makes it into your basement? Should that happen, you’ll need to close off access to the rest of your home. If yours is a walk-out basement, leave a door open to provide a means of escape. Otherwise, you will need to have the animal removed by a professional.

Skunks in your Yard

Contrary to popular belief, skunks do not like spraying people. Their spray is a primary form of defense against predators. After exhausting their spray, it can take between seven and ten days for them to refill. As such, they will use their spray only as a last resort. Most will also give warnings that they are about to spray by stomping, hissing, or lifting their tails.

To prevent skunks, seal all areas underneath your porch or deck. Remove any hollow logs or brush piles from around your property and keep a tight lid on garbage cans. If you still encounter a skunk problem, do not hesitate to contact a professional.