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Health Is Wealth: Your Guide To Health Screening in Singapore  

Everyone knows that health is wealth. After all, a sick body does not only prevent you from doing your daily routine, but it can also cause you to pay hefty medical bills. Of course, no one wants that. Instead of spending money to settle expenses, most people nowadays prefer using their savings for travel and eating various foods. If that same goes for you, you should take good care of your health. The only way to guarantee that you are in good health is to get an annual health screening in Singapore.


Part I: What Is Health Screening?

Health screening is considered an effective preventive measure. As you already know, if you get a health screening package, you have to go through several tests to determine your health condition.

Whatever the type of tests you have to undergo, all of them can help detect early signs of illness. Your primary doctor will plan suitable treatment to help you feel better. And for severe conditions, you can expect them to refer you to a specialist to receive more specialised medical care and improve the quality of your life so you can return to your daily routine.


Part II: The Benefits Of Health Screening

If you have second thoughts about whether or not you will get health screening in Singapore, hopefully, this part of the article can relieve your doubt.

Read on and learn the benefits of getting a health screening. Doing so might help nudge you to get your health checked soon.

●    Early Detection Of Disease

As mentioned above, getting an annual health screening can detect early signs of diseases that you may or may not be aware you are experiencing. Whether mild or life-threatening ailment, a health checkup can help save your life and get treated as early as possible.

●    Lifestyle Improvements

Besides detecting early signs and symptoms of diseases, a health screening can inspire you to improve your lifestyle.

For example, if you have found out that your body mass index (BMI) is over 25, that only means you are in the overweight range. The only way to revert your weight to normal is to exercise and eat a healthy balanced diet.

●    Ease Never-Ending Worries

Another benefit of health screening in Singapore is that it can ease your never-ending worries. If you already know that your mother has diabetes or your father has hypertension, there is a high chance you might be interested in or develop this disease.

But instead of speculating that you might already have diabetes or hypertension, you better see a doctor and get your health checked. With their years of experience and expertise in medicine, your doctor can help access your actual health condition.

●    Reduce Healthcare Expenses Overtime

The expense of getting a health screening package every year is worth it. After all, the expense of continuous treatment and medication can cost more than the annual health screening packages you will get in a lifetime combined.

●    Prolong Lifespan

You should also know that getting a health screening in Singapore can prolong your lifespan. After all, with early detection, you can get treated right away. You no longer have to suffer longer and at the worst stage of your disease.


Part III: What Are The Types Of Health Screenings?

Now that you know the importance of health screening, it is time to get one soon. If this is going to be your first time getting one, let alone purchase a health screening package, things can be confusing.

Given the variety of health tests available at all health facilities, it is understandable if you become entirely perplexed by your circumstances. Thus, to help you figure out which health screening package you should get, the infographic below will show the differences and how many times you should get it in a year.




Women aged 25 years old and above should get a female health screening package in Singapore. If you plan to get one soon, you should know this one consists of procedures that are designed for women to guarantee they are in good health.


Part IV: How To Prepare For Health Screening?

To guarantee you get the most out of your health screening package, you have to get ready. Read on and discover what things you need to do to prepare for a health screening in Singapore.


1. Get A Good Night Sleep

An adequate amount of sleep is around six to eight hours a day. Make sure you get enough sleep before getting a health screening since it helps maintain normal blood pressure.

2. Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking lots of water helps you create enough urine samples for your urinary test. It can also make it simpler to draw blood samples from your veins.

3. Skip Daily Workout

Even though exercising the body is good for your health, it can increase your blood pressure. When that happens, you can expect a slight inaccuracy with your health screening results.

4. Avoid Eating Salty Food

Eating salty food can also increase your blood pressure and even the cholesterol level in your body. That is why you should try not to eat salty foods for 24 hours before your health screening.

5. Wear Comfortable Clothes

You have to since you might need to get an x-ray. For women aged 25 and above, wearing comfortable clothes allows you not to remove your top clothing when getting a mammogram screening in Singapore.


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Since health is wealth, you should stay on top of your health goals. Besides taking good care of your health by eating a healthy balanced diet and working out your body, choose a reliable health centre like Thomson Wellth Clinic and guarantee to get your health checked regularly.

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