Finding Your Wedding Florist: A Guide

The centrepiece of your event, wedding flowers can set the mood you want for your celebration—romantic, modern, whimsical, rustic—and the list goes on.

There are a few things you should take care of before hiring a florist for wedding, even though it is an essential aspect of wedding planning. This step-by-step tutorial will help you choose the ideal florist for your wedding.

Decide on Your Floral Style

While some florists are better at creating contemporary, minimalist arrangements, others specialize in creating tall, lush, grandiose centrepieces.

To determine your style and select a colour scheme for your wedding, find pictures of bouquets, boutonnieres, and centrepieces that you enjoy. In order to communicate effectively with your florist, educate yourself with some of the most typical floral terminology as well as the different kinds of flowers and foliage and other wedding decorations Singapore.

Decide What Flowers You Need

Do you want someone to assist you in planning the event and designing the reception tables and aisle in addition to making the actual arrangements?

Most likely, a floral designer would be more your style. Have you already hired a wedding coordinator or a designer? Then a typical florist should be able to handle that. Choose the one that fits you the best so you can focus your search and establish your budget.

Set a floral spending limit.

Your wedding budget should include roughly 10% for decorations and flowers. The average couple spent $2,300 on floral decor, according to The Knot Real Wedding Study, although actual costs will vary greatly depending on the venue, the number of guests, and other factors.

Plan to increase this number if you adore flowers and desire elaborate floral arrangements or if you insist on purchasing peonies in November. Include additional costs such as setup and breakdown fees, taxes, and tips. Before you meet with wedding florists, you must have a budget in mind.

Obtain Suggestions

You want a florist who is dependable, competent, and within your budget, just like you do with all wedding professionals. Additionally, look for someone whose taste you appreciate and who is receptive to your suggestions.

Asking friends who have just gotten married for offers or reading online reviews on The Knot Marketplace are two of the most excellent methods to locate your florist. Additionally, you can go at actual wedding photographs from ceremonies that occurred at the venue of your wedding, select pictures of flower arrangements you like, and discover who designed them. Local florist recommendations ought to be available if you’re working with a wedding planner or venue organizer.

Think about the suggestion

Decide on your top candidates, then do a second interview or follow-up conversation to discuss specifics like the precise flowers, the cost of supplies and rentals, and the setup and breakdown expenses. Ask each florist to provide a thorough proposal for your wedding’s floral design based on your concept and spending limit.

After discussing a variety of concepts, have them put together a “high” best-case scenario and a “low” bare-bones plan. Alternatively, you may spend more on the centrepieces and pay less on the bridesmaid bouquets to put together a mid-range package.