Expert Tips on Choosing the Right Door

Doors are an indispensable part of interior design. Some might scoff and think of doors as merely a plank of wood separating the interior from the exterior. That could not be further from the truth! The door itself serves as an important component in framing the aesthetic of the room, and spaces out your home so that rooms can exist. Without doors, our homes might as well be a long and convoluted hallway.

There are many companies available in Singapore, both online and offline, that can get the job done while offering quality service. However, it is prudent to be particular about door quality and safety, most importantly ensuring that it is fireproof.

Even if fire doesn’t start in your home, if your neighbour’s house has an accident, you will be assured that your adobe will be safe. This is particularly important to consider for those living in densely populated HDB’s or Condominiums. In a worst-case scenario, a resilient door could just save a whole room’s worth of belongings. All homeowners should be aware of the importance of doors in design and safety, so to help you along we have prepared a few tips to keep in mind while door-hunting.

Get Your Foot in the Door with the Right Company

Door-hunting in remote shop house districts in the far-flung regions of Singapore is a thing of the past. With many door companies locally updating their sales platforms, it is possible to door shop entirely from the comforts of your home. It is important to look out for companies using proper factory-made doors. Their thick baseboards, high pressure laminate coating and solid center core are all essential elements contributing to door sturdiness, amongst other factors.

Secure Installation Right Out the Door

Even for those handy around the house, installing a door is a whole other beast altogether. Expert door making companies usually have their own team of installers and technicians who offer their services in the door installation process. Their professional insight would also be useful in recommending an appropriate door that fits your interior!

Quality control happens to be another very important aspect. While some furniture companies boast a wider range of options and cheaper prices by importing furniture from abroad (most popularly Malaysia), doors made in Singapore are put through extensive quality control to make sure they are safe. There are factories for such door manufacturing and the companies buying the doors can also visit these factories, so your doors will always be top quality.

Stick with the Experts, Don’t be a Doormat!

Doors are in fact, a rather pricey affair. You might be tempted to illicit services from a newer renovation company due to their cheaper prices, but our advice is to spend a little bit more (if at all) for a more established company.

Most of these older companies are in good standing with the door-makers themselves, so if your home requires a customize able door there should be no problem securing it. We hope this article has helped give your door search a flying start, so check out SG Doors for deals and more!