Economic Inequality and Racism faced by Black workers.

The outbreak of the pandemic has done nothing good to humankind. It has worsened the state of people in every way. Though we all can go around rallying that we are all in this mess together, we still cannot deny the fact that the effect of covid-19 is comparatively more on the people with no financial stability. Despite suffering because of their very own existence, African Americans now have to suffer more because of an unclassified virus. The covid 19 outbreak has turned the lives of black people topsy-turvy. The unemployment rate in black men started hiking up after the start of the pandemic. A recent study says that nearly one in every four laborers applies for insurance benefits due to unemployment. The labor market started witnessing a pitfall during the month of March in the year 2020. Also see: black hiring site

We cannot deny that black men lost their jobs at a massive level and are still losing jobs at a faster pace. This quick shift in the rate of unemployment has led black people to choose front-line occupations. To be precise, they have no choice but to risk their lives working in front-line jobs for a living. One in every nine front-line workers is an African American. Though the risk-filled front-line works keep them from being unemployed, it pushes them into a tragic situation of getting affected by covid 19. The coronavirus knows no color difference. It ruins the lives of people of all color, caste, and creed the same way. However, the impact it creates tends to cause more damage on black people that are already ill-treated because of the concept of white supremacy. Do check this site: hire black here

The significant gaps in wages, work benefits, and unemployment rates are a few primary reasons that could affect black people more during this global pandemic. The economic and health issues caused due to the covid 19 affect the individual and their families. The spread of the contagious virus is more when social distancing is low.  Black people tend to live in areas that have a massive population. Besides, the places they live in tend to be smaller comparatively. It causes social distancing impossible, which leads to the spread of the virus quicker than ever. It is even harder to isolate someone affected by the virus due to their miserable working conditions. Exposure to this fatal virus is comparatively high among African Americans than white Americans due to their system. 

There are organizations like Cares Act that provides loan to black people to carry out small business. However, the certainty is getting more profits or facing more significant losses is low. Covid 19 is a nightmare to us all. However, African Americans have to face monsters like racial discrimination and inequality along with that nightmare. This pandemic may end in a year or so. However, there is no guarantee that the ill-treatment of people based on color would. We can brighten the lives of black people only if we take steps against the social disparities that exist.