Does acne eventually go away without treatment?

Acne is a skin condition. It causes pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and oily skin as the symptoms on the face, shoulder, upper back, forehead, and chest. They hardly go away without treatment. Sometimes they may leave you with scars and blemishes. Moreover, they may also increase day by day. You may need to treat your acne. Medications and certain lifestyle adjustments can help you for the same purpose. Consult with your doctor if pimples are troubling you. He or she may look for ways to manage your condition. Duac acne cream is one of the most effective acne treatments. You can get it online as well as offline. However, consult with your healthcare provider for suitable usage.

Can acne cause long-term and severe effects?

Acne can leave you with severe and life threatening conditions. It may seem like a normal and common condition. However, in the absence of proper treatment, it can become dangerous disease. The long-term effects of acne are as follows-

  • Makes you anxious

People who have acne for a long period of time may become anxious. This makes them avoid public and prey to borderline personality disorder.

  • Diminished self-esteem

The face is the first thing people look at. People who have acne on their face may not always receive a good response from people. In addition, sometimes, they face rejection and ignorance due to the condition they have. It diminishes their self-esteem.

  • Depression

Long-term conditions like acne can take you to the doors of depression. If people having acne experience disrespect and insult, they may feel worthless and become depressed.

Can home treatments help me get rid of acne?

You can try some home remedies to deal with your condition. They may include diet, habits, and even lifestyle. Consult with your doctor for the same purpose. Nevertheless, some of the home treatments are mentioned below-

  • Clean your face regularly

Wash your face at regular intervals. It helps in rinsing out the dirt and germs that are settled on the surface of the face. In addition, cleaning your face may also help in rooting out the oil from your skin.

Keep using duac acne cream for better results in acne treatment.

  • Make use of gentle disinfectants

The use of a proper cleanser can help in washing out the dirt and bacteria from the skin. Take the help of your healthcare provider to choose a good disinfectant. 

  • Apply acne-combating agent 

An acne-combating agent fights acne present on the affected part of your skin. Moreover, they also restrain the revival of pimples.

  • Take sufficient sleep

While you sleep, your skin rests and heals better. Inadequate sleep often results in causing acne. Therefore, take sufficient sleep to avoid pimples.

  • Make good picks in cosmetics

Make-up is an ordinary practice of looking more presentable, attractive, and confident. However, choose cosmetics that suit your skin.                         

  • Do not pluck your skin

When you pluck your skin, the pimples come out in more numbers. Moreover, picking your skin may trigger infections. It often results in leaving you with spots and scars.

  • Let your skin relax

Ways like yoga, exercises, meditation, and listening to soft music can lend you a hand in healing your skin. These practices reduce your stress and bring you peace and strength to fight against the acnes. 

Although duac acne cream is one of the successful treatments for this skin condition, there are some others too. You can reach out to your doctor to know the same. Nevertheless, Daily Chemist online pharmacy may avail you the duac cream as well as other effective treatments of acne, that too at your doorsteps. 

Some of them are-

  • Acnecide gel
  • Quinoderm antibacterial facewash
  • Tetralysal capsules

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