Can You See Who Screenshots Your Instagram Story

can you see who screenshots your instagram story


In the realm of social media, Instagram stories stand tall as one of the most used features. These ephemeral 24-hour posts capture fleeting moments, allowing users to share snippets of their day. But as the feature’s popularity grows, so does a prevalent concern: Can you see who’s preserving those fleeting moments with a screenshot?

Instagram Stories: A Quick Overview

Introduced as Instagram’s answer to Snapchat’s ephemeral posts, Instagram Stories took no time to carve its niche. A space for spontaneous sharing, it brought a transient touch to a platform otherwise known for its permanence. But, with transience came curiosity, and thus began the intrigue of capturing stories via screenshots.

The Rumor Mill: Historical Context

The internet has been rife with rumors. Several years ago, murmurs began circulating that Instagram had started alerting users when their stories were screenshotted. Such discussions weren’t baseless. Other platforms, most notably Snapchat, had already embraced this practice. It was only logical to assume Instagram might follow suit.

The Truth Unveiled: Instagram’s Stance

To cut through the hearsay, here’s the truth: Instagram did experiment with screenshot notifications for stories. For a brief period, a select group of users were part of a trial phase where they received alerts for screenshots. However, as of now, Instagram has rolled back this feature. Thus, you won’t get a notification if someone screenshots your story.

Why Instagram Decided Against Screenshot Notifications

While Instagram never provided a detailed rationale, several factors potentially influenced their decision:

  1. User Backlash: The trial phase was met with mixed reactions. Many users expressed concerns about being “watched” or “monitored”.
  2. User Experience: Instagram might have prioritized a non-intrusive experience over additional notifications.
  3. Comparison with Snapchat: Instagram might have deliberately chosen a different path, maintaining distinctiveness from Snapchat’s screenshot notification approach.

How Users Feel: The Debate on Screenshot Notifications

It’s a divided arena. On one hand, creators want autonomy and awareness over their content. Screenshot notifications would have ensured this. On the other, consumers argue for the freedom to capture moments without potential repercussions.

Steps to Ensure Privacy on Instagram

While screenshot notifications are off the table, users can still protect their privacy:

  1. Limit Story Viewership: Customize who can view your stories.
  2. Use “Close Friends”: Share sensitive content only with a trusted circle.
  3. Content Discretion: Be selective, keeping the public nature of the platform in mind.


In the fast-evolving digital landscape, features change, but the core remains: striking a balance between sharing and privacy. While Instagram might not alert you about screenshots, it empowers you with tools to control your narrative.


  • How can I tell if someone has screenshotted my story if Instagram doesn’t notify me?

    • There’s no direct way within Instagram. 
  • Are there third-party apps that can detect screenshots on Instagram?

    • No reliable third-party apps offer this feature, and using such apps might risk account security.