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Breaking The Stereotype: 6 Reasons Why Men Should Attend Yoga Training Courses

The world has come a long way in breaking stereotypes. Before, the ballet was for women, but today there are many male ballet dancers. Yoga is not exempted. Many people think that only women enrol in a yoga course in Singapore, but little did they know that yoga classes welcome everyone, including males, seniors, and youth!

Believe it or not, historically, men dominantly practised yoga! Yoga traced its roots in Northern India 5000 years ago. Brahmins, the wise male priests in the Indian caste system, had mentioned yoga in the Rig Veda, a collection of sacred texts narrating mantras and rituals.

The Upanishads further fostered the yogic philosophy and wisdom from the Vedas to their personal teachings, which included sacrificing ego for self-knowledge, action, and wisdom.

It was in late 1800 when yoga travelled to the West. Many yoga teachers opened schools and conducted lectures about yoga and its philosophy in the early 1900. Most of these teachers are male as well.

The rich history of yoga does not support the stereotype; it is time to discuss why men should consider enrolling in yoga training courses.

6 Reasons Why Men Should Enrol In Yoga Training Courses

Although more than half of the yoga population is female, males are slowly becoming a significant part of the community. So don’t be surprised if you have a male yoga instructor course in Singapore.

Here are the reasons why men should try yoga:

1. Enhances flexibility and increases range of motion.

Another misconception about yoga is that you have to be flexible to try it. Although it is a bonus if flexibility is innate to you, many yoga students and instructors are not naturally flexible!

Yoga improves the flexibility of the person throughout the time. So it is expected for beginners to tumble and shake when doing yoga poses. But through practice and consistency, beginners achieve the flexibility instructors and veteran yoga students have.

Flexibility and range of motion can be slightly different in men. It is common for men to have tight muscles and stiffness, often rooted in sports injury. Muscle tightness can limit the range of motion of the person. Becoming flexible helps improve the range of motion.

So don’t be afraid to join a yoga class because you are not flexible. Your Chinese yoga teacher will totally understand it.

2. Yoga sculpts and builds muscles.

If you think lifting weights or learning how to box is the only way to build and tone muscles, yoga can do it, too!

The only difference is that yoga doesn’t use gym equipment to build muscles. All you need in a yoga course in Singapore is yourself and a yoga mat.

But how does yoga build muscles? Performing different yoga poses, such as squats, pushups, and leg lifts, will gradually tone your muscles. Another advantage of yoga is it involves all of the muscles in the body.

In the gym, some exercise routines only focus on particular parts, such as the biceps, abs, and thighs, whereas yoga poses get all the muscles working.

Google Chinese yoga classes near me and start toning your muscles.

3. Reduces risks of injury.

There are many ways how yoga reduces the risk of injury.

Firstly, it improves balance. Many accidents happen because the person has poor balance or is too slow to regain balance. Performing uncomfortable poses, such as one-legged poses, time and time again makes your body accustomed to maintaining balance despite complex positions.

Secondly, the enhanced flexibility prevents muscle and soft tissue strains and sprain due to sudden forceful movements.

Lastly, yoga reduces muscle tightness. Muscle tightness is one of the culprits of slow injury healing. A person who does yoga recovers much faster from injury than those who don’t.

Who knew that yoga training courses could reduce your risk of injury?

4. Relieves stress.


Men and women are prone to stress, so it is only reasonable for men to find a healthy way to relieve stress.

Breathing exercises are lessons in a yoga course in Singapore. Breathing exercises are known to calm a person down during a panic attack and relieve stress and anxiety.

Yoga also promotes active rest; it means performing low-intensity physical activities. These activities improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure, and muscle healing. These effects can influence a person’s mental health as well.

Combining all these benefits will alleviate stress.

5. Improves sexual performance.

Men and women can benefit from yoga in the bedroom department. Yoga can help improve sexual performance.

Firstly, yoga alleviates stress. Stress has been a culprit for a sudden drop in libido. When the person feels relaxed and calm, they are more likely to be in the mood for sex and channel their sexual energies.

Secondly, flexibility is an advantageous quality during intimate time with your partner. This quality makes sex pleasurable, fun, and exciting.

Lastly, yoga improves stamina and endurance. These are also a vital part of sexual performance.

All these effects can enhance the sexual performance of both men and women. Ask your partner to enrol in yoga training courses for bonding and preparation for intimate times.

6. Improves bone health.

Yoga can make a huge difference to your bone health.

Firstly, it lowers the chance of injuries. Yoga improves balance and flexibility, which also means reducing injuries. Many injuries lead to bone fractures.

Secondly, yoga improves body posture. Yoga poses reduce lower back pain and increase flexibility. These things lead to better body posture and fewer spinal issues.

Lastly, there are claims that yoga could delay osteoporosis or bone density loss. However, further studies are needed to back up this claim.

Nevertheless, a yoga course in Singapore is a healthy way to improve bone health. It is the perfect time to find a Chinese yoga teacher!


There is no male or female in yoga training courses. After all, the health benefits of yoga apply to everyone regardless of gender or age.

If you are one of the men who think yoga is for women, it is time to be the person who will break this stereotype.

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