Best Travel Guide to Bandung, Indonesia

Perhaps it’s the cool, pleasant climate, the more refined atmosphere that comes with being Indonesia’s intellectual center, or a design replete with gardens and elegant boulevards. Still, Bandung fully deserves its title as the “Paris of Java.”

Exciting activities to do in Bandung

  1. Adventures Indoors

While Kawah Putih might happen to be a cold 10 degrees Celsius, Bandung’s remainder isn’t. Escape the hot and humidity of day with your little ones at the theme park, complete with massive play places, heart-stopping rides, and a giant theatre. Located inside the Trans Studio Mall, visitors frequently spend the afternoon shopping and grabbing a bite to eat before hitting this lovely place in Bandung. The rides are secure, the staff is friendly, and the eats are diverse. What more could a traveler want for?

  1. Crater-Rific

This epic lake and tourist spot amid a volcanic crater proves how far visitors will go for a fantastic time. Exactly what natural attractiveness Indonesia’s forests, volcanoes, and waters offer. As you proceed up Mount Patuha, you will find Kawah Putih situated at the height of 7,972 feet above sea level. Basking in the center of the vast volcanic formation. It is an extraordinarily polluted but incredibly scenic lake, with its swirls of light, baby blue to white, brown, and green, all blending in a fuzzy mix. With its surrounding forest, hot, vaporous steam and sulfur warms up, and you can select an area on the banks of the lake and stay for the day.

  1. Background And Geology Collide

While the building is yet another site of the old Dutch colonial rule, its exhibits, “inhabitants,” and artifacts go far back before history. The fossils of enormous T-rex dinosaurs, skulls of the famed Java Man, exhibits marking the geological development of lakes and volcanoes. Those all indicate how the area is nearly similar to the cradle of existence in the East. Exhibits and collections focus on four distinct sections: the native geology of Indonesia, understanding the evolution of biodiversity via fossils, the geology of individual life, and outdoor exhibitions.

  1. The “Satay” Building

Yes, you read that right: this epic case of neoclassical architecture in Bandung is known as the “Satay” construction for its lengthy. The sharp pinnacle that resembles the black and Thai dish, “satay.” However, its resemblance to food ends there. The building was completed from the 1920s. In all its white, resplendent glory, the construction is a shimmering and well-preserved construction that hearkens back to the Dutch colonial period. Get a stroll around the building’s promenade, and you will realize the lush greenery that surrounds its magnificent facade, even today.

  1. Get Away For A Spell

Patenggang Lake is genuinely a magnificent place to be. Quiet, ethereal, and serene, it’s greenery and calm waters provide a tranquil experience for locals and visitors alike. Spend the day paddling about the lake, seeing children play in its diversion area, touring the nearby Rancabali tea farm. Treat yourself in its steaming and soothing hot spring waters, taking a dip in the cool of its swimming pools, and grabbing a snack in its casual restaurants.

When to Visit Bandung

The dry season which is starting from June to September is the best time to visit Bandung. The mild temperatures make Bandung City a fantastic Indonesian destination for people that aren’t keen on 90+ degrees of warmth.

How to Get to Bandung

  • Plane

You can fly to Husein International Sastranegara Airport (BDO) from Jakarta. The airport is only approximately three miles in the middle of the city, and a cab will cost about IDR 30,000-40,000.

  • Train

PT Kereta Api trains operate from Jakarta to Bandung, taking around three hours (the cheapest seats are Rp95,000).

  • Car

If you’re driving from Jakarta, take highway 1 eastbound, then flip onto highway 4 and then follow it all of the way to Bandung.

  • Bus

Air-conditioned state buses operate every day from Jakarta to Bandung’s Leuwi Panjang bus station. There are also shuttle bus firms such as Baraya Travel, which bill around Rp50,000 for the excursion.

Ready to start your vacation in Bandung? Visit Wonderful Indonesia, and do not miss out on the magic!