Fixing The Slow Data Connection on iOS and Android Smartphones

Just to be clear, we believe that there is now absolutely no space for slow, always buffering, high lag and latency having internet connections. Consumers now a days want speed, greasy fast lightning speeds and that too at quite possible the cheapest rate known to man.

Craving or desiring a fast internet speed connection that has, especially in this current year due to the corona virus pandemic, become more of a need than a want. This is because majority of the labor force in not only the United States but all over the world have started to work from home, apart from this, schools have sent kids home and started online programs, this is true for all levels of education, whether grade 1 or 2, all the way up to bachelors, masters and PhD levels. A fast paced internet is the new necessity and people would do anything to have it.

 However, just getting a subscription to a fast paced internet service provider is not enough, what you need is to know the internet service provider that has the best customer support centers and customer dealings along with quality control is as equally as important as high speed internet. If you want to know details about Spectrum internet, the one company that as one of the best customer support centers. In fact, if you do not believe us, then just log on to charter spectrum customer service.

Steps You Can Do To Make Data Faster On Your iPhone

  • Begin by clearing out your browser history

Anything that is done on your iOS browser and not discarded after it has been used or seen is in excess of what your phone demands. This means that any material that you have working or running on your browser is constantly using internet bandwidth that has to run all your devices. So just by clearing the browsing history on your phone, you can save up ample bandwidth that could hence, then be used somewhere else.

The following paragraphs holds the steps that you need to take in order to fix your iOS for the extremely slow bandwidth that it is not limited to having. i.e. your iOS device is capable of hosting a lot more bandwidth.

Click on the settings app or icon and scroll towards the safari icon, select whatever browser you would like to update or whichever browser you are keen to use often. Scroll down some further and you will see a website data option.

  • Optimizing your phone and the hardware

Optimizing your phone does not entirely mean, you can just greatly improve your bandwidth overnight but you need to be able to have a backup plan, i.e. just close the applications that you are not currently using and focus on the show that has papa in it.

Just an addition to what was said earlier, if you do have an iPhone that has been used for a long time, then just by getting to know how to overcome this slow bandwidth performance. The simple answer to all these queries is to download and upload the device maintenance.

Steps You Can Do To Make Data Faster On Your Android

  • Searching and installing a speed boosting application

Since you are using an android device, you would already know the blessing that is the google play store. A speed boosting application has a simple purpose and runs in quite a basic manner. A speed boosting app would basically just prevent background applications from hogging up or using bandwidth when they are in an ideal state.

If you have an android phone that is compatible with this type of app, then it really is a life saver as you would not have not go have to this exact same thing manually.

  • Enabling your phones browser to save bandwidth

There is no denying that as mobile phones, be it iOS or Android, have brought forward some of the best camera lenses known to the human race. Since these cameras, that are fitted in too little and light weighing portable devices are of such high strength and power. You will obviously know that these photos will hence be taking up giant size spaces. You could reduce the quality of the image but, come on, why would you? No one likes a pixelated photo. So these images or photos use or utilize bandwidth for some functions and hence tend to slow down things or operations that are running on your device. One of the reasons why you have a slow working mobile internet is because you have a ton of browser images opened in multiple tabs.

If you choose to find a quick fix to this issue, then just simply disable the option of images in yours google chrome and that should do the trick.