Beginners guide to Soundcloud 

There are indeed a lot of people who are unaware of many social media platforms. Like very few people know about SoundCloud and if you are also one of them then you must have to be very updated with the time. Soundcloud is the best platform to show your musical skills. There are a lot of people who provide the link to a professional website with the music audio and tell people to click here to listen more. You can also do this as it helps you in generating good revenue with your musical skills. You can also visit few websites as the best place to buy soundcloud followers

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These are few simple steps that will make you feel comfortable with Soundcloud:

  • Signing up 

The very first thing you have to do is to just sign up with it. You can sign up through Facebook or Google account as it takes very little time. You just have to put the name, password, email address and then your SoundCloud account will be created within seconds.

  • Profile

In the second step, you have to set up your profile through a bio and picture. Make sure you have put a very decent and good profile picture. You have to write a good bio that shows your passion and love for music.

  • Uploading tracks 

You already know that SoundCloud is a platform where you can upload your music recordings and tracks. Let us tell you with a free account you can upload music files for up to 210 minutes only. After uploading a track you have to verify it with a title and a description which react as a label or tag of your sound.

  • Playlist 

It does not matter whether you are uploading your songs or compilation of others you can easily create a playlist. You will get an option of add to playlist option, just simply click on it and your playlist will be created. You can simply edit or label your playlist from your profile.

  • Following other users 

Apart from uploading soundtracks and listen to other tracks, you can also follow other users. When you streaming Soundcloud you will get a lot of music tracks uploaded by other users. If you like them then you can follow them, whenever they upload any new track you will get a pop-up or notification. So that you will easily get it and listen whenever you want.