All That You Can Do in Istanbul

Visiting Istanbul is a unique moment. Indeed, the former Turkish capital has the particularity of being located on two continents at the same time. This is a unique fact, which has often earned it to be designated as the meeting place between East and West.

With such a strategic location, the city has attracted envy. Thus, many peoples had control over the one formerly called Byzantium, Constantinople, before becoming Istanbul.

To help you organize your stay, here is a list of the must-see things to do to visit Istanbul in the best possible way. So let us discover What To Do In istanbul.

A cruise on the Bosphorus

A trip to Istanbul is not complete without a luxury cruise on the Bosphorus. This not only offers a nice glimpse of the city, but the both European and Asian shores of the famous channel have a lot to offer: a large number of ancient palaces and mansions are to be found here, as well as the Leander’s Tower.Theistanbul private bosphorus cruise is perfect now. Regarding the duration of the cruise, you have the choice between a short (if you are in a hurry) and a long (one day) visit. In summer, the sunset dolphin cruise  is in high demand. Therefore, remember to book in advance if you wish to cruise on this time slot.

The Hagia Sophia

The completely crazy history of this place has made it famous all over the world. Built as a church in the 6th century, it later became a mosque when the Ottomans took control of the city in the 15th century.

And it is precisely this change of religion that has earned him this absolutely exceptional architecture. Indeed, as evidenced by the dome and the minarets, Hagia Sophia therefore mixes elements typical of Christian churches and mosques.Today, this architectural wonder houses a museum retracing its history. The visit usually takes an hour. Moreover, it is strongly recommended to opt for a guided tour, in order to fully enjoy the stories and secrets of the place of worship.

Topkapı Palace

If you come to visit Istanbul, it will be difficult not to see the many palaces in the city. All are certainly worth the detour, but there is one that should not be missed under any circumstances: Topkapi Palace.This palace (TopkapıSarayı in Turkish) is none other than the former main residence of the sultans. The places have thus seen the various rulers of the Ottoman Empire for nearly 400 years. On the architectural side, under the name of palace is actually a complex of pavilions, all built around four green courtyards.

The Grand Bazaar

It is of course impossible to visit the first Turkish metropolis without taking a tour of Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar. In addition to being one of the symbols of the city, it is also the largest covered market in the world.And contrary to popular belief, the Grand Bazaar is not a tourist trap. The locals also come there to buy their products. However, that doesn’t mean that all the stalls are full of genuine products. Counterfeits and poor quality products circulate and the prices displayed may be excessive.We must therefore prepare for the exercise of negotiation. Rest assured, this is not frowned upon. You could even say it’s traditional. It’s up to you, therefore, to show yourself smarter than your interlocutor.