9 Tips How To Have A Meaningful Christmas Celebration With The Family In The Time Of COVID-19

The current pandemic that we’re facing isn’t just about fighting COVID-19 itself. It’s also about coping with the “new normal.” And perhaps, one of the biggest changes we’d have to deal with is the way we have to celebrate the holiday season. This is why in this article, we’re giving you pieces of advice on how to make this year’s Christmas celebration still meaningful — from keeping the tradition of gift-giving alive to adorning your home with thematic 2020 Xmas ornaments.

Create a new holiday tradition. If you want to remember this year’s holiday in a different light, you should grab this opportune time to kick off a new holiday tradition — like having your own little tree lighting ceremony or baking goodies to be sent out to your neighbors.

Exchange gifts. If you want to “hype up” the holiday season even if you’re only at home, you should keep the tradition of gift-giving alive. You can also have a particular theme or a set of rules (like having a price cap) to spice things up.

Write Christmas card greetings. Even though we’re living in the digital age, it’s noble to revive old-school Christmas activities like writing personal greetings on holiday cards. You can also send them to family members and relatives who can’t physically spend the holidays with you.

Spruce up your home. 2020 Xmas ornaments are here to help you add timely and meaningful decorative pieces to your space. It’s the kind of memento that will remind you of such a uniquely challenging year — a year that you survived nonetheless.

Add a new menu to your Christmas dinner. Family bonds get stronger over good food. If you want to use this season to get closer to your family members, why not learn how to prepare a new menu item for your holiday dinner, and prepare — and savor — it altogether.

Safely travel short distances. With quarantine restrictions being eased, it’s now possible to go out and travel, albeit in a safe manner. If you want to have a breath of fresh air, consider visiting a nearby park together with your loved ones.

Send love even from afar. Though some opt to travel to be with their families this Christmas, others are not risking the possibility of contracting COVID-19 and getting their loved ones infected. If you’re spending the season away from a loved one, you can still express your appreciation for them by sending out gifts (like customizable 2020 Xmas ornaments).

Collectively donate to charity. Time and again, we’re always being reminded that Christmas time is the perfect time to be generous. Involve your family and plan what charitable act you will do this year. You can consider donating hygiene kits to a nearby hospital or to a home care within your area.

Observe safety and health protocols. When doing all of the tips we’ve mentioned above, you should always practice safety protocols. Apart from the gift of family, having a healthy condition is a reason enough for us to be deeply grateful.

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