13 Typical Semarang Foods That Make You Drool

Famous for its endless tourist destinations, Semarang always has its charm for tourists. There is Lawang Sewu, Sam Po Kong Temple, and many others. However, if you just visit the tourist destinations without tasting the mainstay menu, it doesn’t look good. To make your holiday more colorful, here is a list of Semarang specialties that will make you drool.

  1. Gimbal Tofu, it contains fried tofu, tempeh, shrimp, sliced ​​cabbage, and tofu dreadlocks. There’s peanut sauce on it too.
  1. Lumpia (Spring Rolls), you have to try the Semarang spring rolls. Filled with bamboo shoots, spring rolls can be enjoyed boiled or fried. It’s better to use tauco sauce.
  1. Chicken Garang Asem, Garang Asem in processed chicken with coconut milk sauce and starfruit wrapped in banana leaves makes a plate of rice not enough.
  1. Babat Gongso, offal lovers, let’s move closer and try this Semarang-style gongso tripe. Prepared with sweet soy sauce, tripe gongso goes well with white rice or fried rice.
  1. Kopyok Noodle, The basic ingredients are noodles that are given a spice broth. The toppings include tofu, bean sprouts, celery leaves, and gendar crackers.
  2. Soto Bangkong, Semarang also has soto, the name is soto bangkong. Slightly different from the usual, the sauce is a bit brown and clear.
  3. Pindang Rice, This soupy rice dish is called Nasi Pindang. Even though the name is Pindang, the side dish is beef. It tastes delicious, really suitable for breakfast.

  1. Ganjel Rel Bread, Ganjel rail bread is very similar to Gambang bread. The texture is a bit hard and dense, so it’s a mandatory dish before Ramadan.
  1. Wingko Babat, Made from glutinous rice and roasted coconut. This food is indeed very famous in Semarang and is suitable as a souvenir. Prices start at IDR 2,000 per seed.
  1. Plenet Banana, It’s starting to be rare, you have to try this banana plenet. The bananas are grilled over charcoal, sprinkled with meses, cheese, or powdered sugar—a delicious dessert. The bananas are grilled over charcoal, sprinkled with meses, cheese, or powdered sugar—a delicious dessert. Z Grills is a leading grill manufacturers in the world, which has top-notch grills for charcoals and BBQs. You can check out their one of the best grills- Z Grills 7002B Pro Review!
  1. Belibis Bird

Processed duck and fried chicken may be common. In Semarang, you can find dishes made from birds. The texture is not much different from chicken but more tender because it is cooked over low heat for a long time. The seasonings also vary, you can choose according to your taste. Even though it’s small, it’s guaranteed to be addictive.

  1. Wedang Tahu

This unique cuisine is perfect for those of you who are hunting for a warm and refreshing drink. Wedang tofu is made from a mixture of brown sugar, ginger, and beancurd made from soybean juice. The taste of this wedang tofu tends to be sweet and warm because of the ginger content. In addition, wedang tofu is believed to be beneficial for health, such as promoting breast milk, lowering high blood pressure, improving metabolism, and lowering cholesterol. The price is also very affordable with so many benefits!

  1. Chicken Rice

If in Solo there is liwet rice, then in Semarang there is chicken rice. This rice with yellow opor sauce is complemented by sweet pumpkin vegetables, shredded free-range chicken and eggs, tofu, and specially seasoned krecek. You can also choose additional side dishes such as egg satay, intestine satay, and other chicken parts such as breast, thigh, and wings. The coconut milk and spices make this chicken rice delicious and undeniably delicious.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas, and resorts, or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Semarang by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.