Why Staying Vegan Helps the Earth, Humanity and the Animals

Over the years, people have relied on meat for daily sustenance. Because people must survive, most believe they must kill and butcher animals. Some religious people would even say it symbolises life because one has to die to save another person. But is the violence justifiable just because humanity has to survive? Is the answer to getting nutrition lies in the hands of cruelty? Food and nutrition don’t have to go under the name of violence because compassion and understanding can help you become healthy by transitioning to veganism and ordering your meals from a vegetarian food supplier in Singapore.

What is the Purpose of Being a Vegan?

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Veganism is not just only a trend, but it is a movement. A movement for equality and compassion! Most people will try veganism because they want to achieve their body goals. However, it’s much deeper than that. Veganism is advocacy for animal rights. It is to spread awareness that animals, like humans, also have emotions. Cows, pigs, fishes, and chickens all feel pain. And it’s inconsiderate to ignore how they feel just because you want to eat.


Fortunately, there is a holistic approach to your daily sustenance. You can look for a vegetarian supplier in Singapore that can help you eat food without shedding blood. To know more about veganism, here’s why veganism is a purposeful lifestyle change.

1) Advocate for Animal Rights

Animal bodies are not human properties. They also have the right to live and choose freedom for themselves. Due to the extreme violence against them, especially pigs and cows, people have accepted that violence is part of their lives. After all, if the majority agrees with an action, even if it’s wrong, it will still be accepted. Luckily, some people are aware of their sufferings and choose to advocate for animal rights by being vegan. Once you become a vegan, you can find a vegetarian food supplier for your daily nutritional needs.

2) Stop Global Warming

Surprisingly, going vegan can also save the planet. How? Animal farms produce ammonia emissions, and livestock farming uses plenty of water resources that contribute to global warming. Before it’s too late, you can start protecting the environment by turning vegan today. The good news is that you can order vegetarian food online, which will help you create a vegan lifestyle.

3) Respect the Animals

Animals are like human beings. They have souls and emotions. You will be shocked how emotional cows are like human beings. Most thought that animals don’t feel anything or they don’t have a soul. In reality, they are the same level just like human beings. To respect them, you can start by trying a vegan style. You can cook an easy meal with Tofu or perhaps eggplants. You can also look for vegetarian online delivery to get your daily ingredients. Start step by step, and it’s okay to crave meat in the beginning. Once you get used to this lifestyle, you can begin adjusting to your vegan routine.

4) End World Hunger

Yes, by turning vegan, you can also end world hunger. The food fed to livestock takes up a large percentage of resources that should have been given to people affected by hunger. Of course, you have to provide the animals so they can live. If not, they’ll die, and people won’t be able to eat. But what if the whole world turns vegan? The livestock populations will slow down, and food resources will be more appropriate to the world population.

5) Vegan Foods are Also Tasty

Who said vegan foods are bland? Vegan meals can also be tasty, like meat. Unbeknownst to everyone, vegetarian meals taste like meat because there are many spices you can season with your food. The only challenge here is to find the necessary ingredients from a vegetarian supplier in Singapore for a complete set of meal preparations.


How to Stay Vegan


Indeed, it’s not easy to stay vegan because the norm is still about eating meat. You can find meat anywhere you go, but finding a vegetarian restaurant might be more complicated. Therefore, the article will help you learn tips on staying vegan and sticking to the philosophy of ethical consumerism.

1) Keep Reminding Yourself About the Purpose of Veganism

Remind yourself that going vegan is not just about a trend. You are a part of a bigger purpose because veganism helps the earth, animals, and your health. In the long run, it can help humanity survive climate change. Therefore, if you’re craving meat, try to watch documentaries and videos about the real situations happening behind the walls of a slaughterhouse. Plus, find your favourite food from a vegetarian food supplier and remind yourself that it isn’t’ bad to go vegan as most people believe.


2) Veganise Your Food!

Turning vegan doesn’t mean you must say goodbye to your favourite foods. Do not worry because there are vegan versions of cake, pasta, and even sausages! All you have to do is learn the cooking method and find suppliers. In Singapore, vegetarian food can be hard to find. But you can join online communities or find some vegan restaurants around the neighbourhood where you can find the veganised version of your favourite meals. Surprisingly, there are also vegan versions of fried chicken and eggs! Try them so you won’t crave meat and dairy products.

3) View it as a Lifestyle

Always remind yourself that veganism is not a diet, but it’s a lifestyle. It means you are refraining from violence and you want to eat with compassion towards animals. Unfortunately, there are people who will not understand the lifestyle you choose. They will say, animals are born to be eaten. Don’t listen to them and always stick with your beliefs and values.

4) Learn More About Nutrition

As a vegan, you’ll hear comments like: you will be weak because you don’t have any protein source. It doesn’t work because a plant-based diet can give you the nutrients your body needs. Ensure you get all your needs from a vegetarian food supplier in Singapore.

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