Why Is Luxury Furniture In Singapore So Expensive?

People fill up their homes with cheap but durable home furniture in Singapore. But in furniture stores, you can also find much more expensive designer fittings.

But why is there a wide price disparity between home furniture and luxury furniture in Singapore? Is it worth it to buy a piece of designer fittings?

Here are the reasons why luxury furniture is expensive:

1. Designer and brand

You don’t just pay for the furniture piece alone, but also you pay for the artist’s craftsmanship, talent, and creativity.

An armchair in Singapore may have a price of an entire dining furniture set if it belongs to the collection of a world-renowned professional designer.

2. Raw materials

Professional designers don’t just use ordinary materials. They use high-grade wood, top-tier natural stone, and high-quality textiles for their furniture. The cost of these raw materials drives the price of the furniture.

3. Uniqueness

Most home furniture in Singapore is mass-produced, meaning you can find an identical piece from another store.

What makes the price of luxury furniture skyrocket is its uniqueness and originality. Designers only produce a limited number of certain pieces, giving them a rare or exclusive status. Replicas and knockoffs are subpar concerning the quality and intricacy of the design.

4. Retail store markup

Furniture stores markup the prices of a designer accent chair they sell in Singapore. The markup is even higher in the furniture pieces if it passes through several middlemen.

5. Additional costs

Luxury furniture in Singapore may have other charges, including warranty, insurance, guarantee costs and licensing fees. Most warranties give you 10-year coverage. This long period only indicates that the furniture is well-made.

So when you are planning to buy an armchair in Singapore, ask yourself. Is it better to opt for a general piece or invest in a designer one?

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