Why Enterprise SMS Archiving Matters

In this day and age, faster and more accessibility are crucial aspects of business communications. With more companies turning to SMS platforms, the need for stricter data privacy increases, prompting the need for reliable enterprise SMS archiving solutions.

But what is an SMS archiver?

Enterprise text archiving is software that instantly captures and stores conversations sent to and from businesses. These provide firms a permanent record of all messages useful for various applications.

Third parties typically provide archives. So, why must you need to invest in one? Keep reading to find out.

  1. Regulatory Compliance

One of the primary reasons why firms invest in third-party archiving software is to stay compliant with regulations. These rules are imposed by organizations such as FINRA, the SEC, and the GDPR, all of which take compliance very seriously.

Businesses that fail to comply have experienced severe repercussions, including, but not limited to, court action, fines, and tarnished brand image.

Organizations require all businesses in all sectors to have records of their chats as official business data, making archiving solutions useful.

  1. Reliable Source of Truth

You’ll never know when an unsatisfied customer will file a case against you in court. It can be tricky to defend yourself against allegations concerning data privacy without the appropriate evidence.

Audits and e-discoveries rely heavily on factual information about your company’s communications. You will most likely be ordered to present copies of a chat, but what if you don’t have any?

With an enterprise SMS archiving solution, you’ll have a solid source of truth you can use to defend your company from legal consequences.

  1. Deter Unethical Practices

Many data privacy violations happen within the workplace. Without proper monitoring, your employees may cause sensitive information to leak through SMS. They might also use the communication medium to do unethical acts like harassment, spreading misinformation, and blackmail.

You can monitor employee texting behavior with the help of an enterprise SMS archiver. Since all messages are automatically recorded, you can prevent your workers from committing violations.


  1. Business Insights

Besides protection, competitive SMS archiving software is a treasure trove of valuable business insights you can use to improve your existing structure and practices.

These conversations hold the information you need about your customers, their messaging behavior, and preferences. You can use this to create better marketing campaigns and customer services.

Keep Your Company’s Communications Credible

Trust is paramount to the survival of every business. Customers expect you to handle their data with the utmost care, and organizations want to ensure you are responsible for all the information entering and exiting your company.

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