What Makes a Great Leader? 5 Key Elements of Leadership Success

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower,” said Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder.

To become a successful leader you need to understand the basic elements of leadership qualities that can help you to improve yourself. Without having right leadership qualities you will not be able to motivate and encourage your employees.

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Here are 5 key elements of leadership success.


To become a successful leader the most important thing is to form better communication. When a leader provides better and effective communication to their employees, it makes it clear and transparent for the employees to understand what they want to do and how to do it. A good leader will find out different ways and methods that can work best for their employees to show effective work.

Knowing your people:

A good leader knows everything about their employees from their strengths and weaknesses and everything like what motivates them and what conditions they face problems. A leader will motivate them to work hard and use their positive strengths for the success of the company and their personal development as well. As a leader when giving time to yourself you will be able to get to know your employees and also you will be able to assist them better.

Knowing yourself:

Well to understand your employees and teammates you need to understand yourself first. If you truly want to be a leader, you should know about your strengths and weaknesses, and also you should know how to tackle those problems that are affecting your effective work.

When you understand yourself in a better way then you can be able to motivate, inspire, and lead others. Your employees will encourage your hard work and ethics, and they will also give their fullest to achieve the company’s goal.

Learn from failure:

A successful leader has already experienced a period of success and failure and they know the value of failure. Failure is the most powerful way to learn from your mistakes and improve them with proper knowledge. Failure encourages development and progress, also it helps in the renewal and innovation of new ideas. When a leader embraces their failure it helps in motivating their employees to work hard and show efficiency in their work.

Seeking out feedback:

Well, it becomes very hard to get an honest self-assessment, so it’s better to ask for regular feedback from their employees, mentors, and office colleagues. All this feedback will help you to understand your strength and weaknesses and also it will help you find out areas where you will need improvement. When your employees see you developing yourself and improving your work practice, they will be encouraged to give their best in the work, and also they will provide more effective work for the company’s success.