What is a Morale Patch and How Can it Motivate Your Team to Win?

Keeping your team motivated is an uphill battle!

On average, we have about 80,000 thoughts a day, and 80% of them are negative. If you want your team to maintain a positive mindset then you should try using morale patches.

In this article, we’ll review some of the best tips and tricks for creating the perfect moral patch. We’ll answer questions like, “what is a morale patch hat?”, while also covering the best materials to use.

Are you ready to lift your team’s spirits? Read on to learn all about designing effective morale patches.

Stiched and PVC Morale Patches

There are 2 main types of morale patches, stitched, and polyvinyl chloride or PVC. PVC morale patches can be molded to create any shape you want, and then dyed your preferred color choices.

PVC patches are more durable than stitched patches since their made from a stronger material. The benefit of stitched or embroidered patches is that they offer a more traditional looking morale patch.

You’ll also find that stitched patches are a softer feeling. If you and your teammates aren’t going to be wearing your patches in harsh conditions, such as extreme weather, stitched patches could be the best choice for you.

Creating a Custom Morale Patch Design

After choosing the material you’ll be working with, the next step is to decide what moral patch design is right for your team. You can use a military patch template to get inspiration for your design. Or you can start from scratch, by creating a new design that no one’s ever used before!

We find that when it comes to designing an effective patch, simple is better. If you overload your patch with too many words, it can become busy looking, instead of inspiring your team.

Luckily, there are a ton of websites geared towards helping you make the perfect patch. For instance, there are products, which are perfect if you’re creating designs for a morale patch hat.

What Is a Morale Patch Hat?

What is a morale patch hat? Morale patch hats are usually trucker, or baseball caps, that have your patch sewn, or glued, onto them. If you decide to use baseball caps, we suggest using cotton fabric caps, for maximum comfort.

If you’re going with a trucker hat style, then look for mesh backs to allow airflow. After you’re done creating moral patch hats for the team, consider completing your look with matching team shirts.

Keep Spirits High

The next time you hear someone wondering, “what is a morale patch?”, you’ll already know the answer! Morale patches are the ultimate tool for raising your team’s spirits, helping pave the way to victory.

Remember to keep your moral patch creative, without overloading it with too much text. Finally, start shopping online for morale patch hats, so your team can display their patches with pride!

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