Tile installation and the importance of tile adhesives

Tile adhesive is a specially formulated mixture of unique ingredients such as microfine silica, OPC and several other additives that adds to the unique property of the adhesive. Tile adhesives can be used for variety of applications and are available in various grades. Their applications can vary from using them to lay existing and new tiles, applying a layer over polished cement, to make hold any wooden substrates. When cement can be used to hold most of the above together, it is not an effective solution for the long run. With time, cement=t begins t to cave in dry and loose, making most of the tiles loose and weak. Hence, it is necessary that one chooses the proper tile adhesive.

Discussed below is the importance of tile adhesives and the process by which they are applied:


A proper and carefully done installation of tiles, walls or roof, ensures a perfect solution for the long run, enhancing the beauty of your home and keeping your trouble-free.


Tiles can be installed over any smooth substrates. Before installing, it is necessary to prepare the tile as well as the surface on which the tile is being applied on. One must make sure that either of the surfaces are free of grit, wax, scum or any other material that might interfere with the bonding of the adhesive.


A proper layout and understanding of the application of tile will help in planning out the work flow. One must clearly understand and follow the procedure accordingly. The levelling must be proper for the rooms and slightly slanted for shower room applications.

Placing the Tiles

Tiles can be placed with an innumerable layout patterns, depending on the texture, design, colour etc. It is generally advised to mix up various cartons of tiles and lay them out in a pattern one wishes to have. Before laying out the tiles, it is also important that one chooses the proper adhesive for the tiles.

After selecting the adhesive to use, prepare the adhesive as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Generally, it is recommended to prepare adhesives that one can consume within thirty minutes of tile application. Pre-mixed adhesives no need any preparations and can be applied readily. Proper notches and trowels should be used for application of the tiles. A proper understanding of the depth at which the tiles are being laid is also essential in the application.

Importance of tile adhesives

A great indicator of the quality of the tile adhesive is the optimum setting time. With a decent time window, the layouts can be adjusted to any final minute changes. The use of a proper trowel ensures smoother spreading of the adhesive on the back, which prevent most of the commonly encountered problems such as breakage of tiles, water seeping etc. Therefore, a proper adhesive and proper application procedure ensures that the problems encountered are minimum and the quality of bonding is exceptional.