The Best 6 Spanish Festivals to Attend

Spain has many unique festivals, ranging from outrageous food fights to somber religious rituals. Each year, visitors worldwide gather in prominent cities and towns to marvel at spectacular dance performances, decorations, processions, quirky costumes, fireworks displays, and music.

Most of the festivals are held to remember religious figures, which are important to the Spanish culture. Giving you a lot of chances to let your hair down and celebrate until you drop, you can check out the following Spanish festivals you can attend:

  1. La Merce

This is among the festivals you shouldn’t afford to miss because it is very breathtaking. It is normally held during the last week of every September to honor Mare de Deu de la Merce – Barcelona’s patron saint.

During this time, streets are usually full of fire runs, events, dances, parades, and individuals celebrating life’s beauty.

  1. Carnival

While Easter changes every year, so do the dates for this Spanish festival. Carnival normally takes place in the week leading to 40 days before the Easter Sunday.

Every year, you can participate tourist attractions Spain in the Carnival, one of the lovely and vibrant events celebrated in March or February. You can find thrilling parades, fabulous parties, and people wearing wolverine outfits or other costumes in the celebration.

  1. San Fermin

People celebrate this event each year between 6th and 14th July. San Fermin is one of Spain’s most popular festivals, and many celebrities from different countries visit Pamplona to celebrate. As a matter of fact, Wikipedia shows that approximately 1.2 million individuals visit Pamplona every year for this event.

One of the common activities to take part in the festival includes the running of the bulls. Although the activity is not recommended for tourists, you can always watch the activity behind a fence.

  1. La Tomatina

On the last Wednesday of August, the Valencia town of Bunol is usually bathed with squashed tomatoes. This yearly festival occurs in the town square.

Although the festival used to be a free-for-all, the government regulates it, and the tourism board highly supports it.

  1. San Isidro

San Isidro is Madrid’s patron saint, so the festival marks the beginning of the bullfighting season, where only the best travel to celebrate. This event’s charm basically lies in the traditional dress, which everyone puts on to the plaza for an open-air concert with classic Spanish dancing.

While the festival showcases the best of the city, San Isidro also embodies a mixture of modernity and traditional culture.

  1. Feria de Abril

The fair in Seville begins with the grand entrance’s traditional lighting, and the following week, the city is normally full of colors, entertainment, and Andalusian art like flamenco.

In addition to all types of entertainment, it can also be a great chance to explore the city. During the time, Seville is drenched in an authentic atmosphere.

Final Thoughts!

For most visitors, participating in colorful festivals is the top reason for traveling to Spain. Basically, Spanish festivals occur in all cities, villages, and towns every month.

The best festivals have historical and religious meaning, while others are only meant for having fun and partying.