Read about save the dates for weddings

Wedding invitation designers are happy to adapt the design for you. So a single wedding card can become a double wedding card or a square wedding card design can be converted to a standing wedding card. There are many possibilities and we like to design a wedding card according to your wishes.

Are you creative or do you have a certain style and atmosphere in mind and would you like to design your card yourself? Then start with a blank card. You can then be sure that you are designing a unique wedding card, completely according to your own wishes. You can use our image bank to add texts, images, backgrounds and photos.

If you have chosen a wedding card, don’t be tempted to fill in the texts right away. You will get clear which information should be on the wedding card. This saves time for save the dates for weddings cards.

Text Wedding Card

Making the texts takes more time than you would like. You have to think carefully about many details. If you invite all guests for the entire program to one location, creating the text will take less time than if you have different invitees for different program components in different locations.

Avoid Printing Mistakes

A wedding card without spelling mistakes is everyone’s wish. When the text is ready, go to your own collection in your account and open the wedding card you have chosen in the card editor. The texts can be entered.

If you have wedding invitations with texts for day guests and evening guests, first make the wedding invitation for the day guests and order a proof of it. If this wedding card is all right, you can easily make a copy and adjust the text for the evening guests. Otherwise, you would have to make adjustments on multiple maps, if necessary.

Order Proof

Why order a proof? Because the colors are different on every computer screen and it is therefore useful to see the map in real life. The type of paper you choose also influences the colors. You can make a mistake in the point size of the texts that is too large or too small, or you may have made a spelling mistake. Then it is useful if you notice that and can still adjust it. The save the date wedding magnets are far better choices.

Create Address List

In the meantime you can complete the address list. Create a clear file in Excel. Personally you can find Google Drive useful so that you never lose anything and always have the latest update. Your master of ceremonies will also need a list of invitees in due course. You send only one card to each family and each couple. The number of cards you need is therefore lower than the number of invitees.